6 Morning Habits That No Ones Talking About

When you scroll through any articles about morning habits it seems like you always get the same OUTRAGEOUS things that you should do every morning. “Start your day with a run” “Get up at 5 am every day” “Eat organic food that isn’t accessible to the average human being”. While these habits are great and over time you can build them. I don’t think they’re the ideal habits for beginners. And that’s why I’ve written this article on the 6 morning habits that no one is talking about!

Why Are Morning Habits So Important

If you haven’t read my blog post on the advantages of good habits then you may not understand the importance of habits in daily life. But in short, habits are so important because once you have them set, they take very little willpower and cognition to maintain. Think about your own life. Everything that’s second nature to you is just a habit. Waking up in the morning and getting a shower. Habit. Cleaning your teeth after breakfast. Habit. Even the negative things like checking social media the moment you wake up is just a bad habit. Habits are so effortless compared to willpower you’d be mad not to incorporate them in your life.

But why do you need habits specifically for the morning? Because this sets the mood for the day. Think about your mind like a snowball rolling down a hill. If you let it build up momentum it’s going to get bigger and bigger. The earlier the ball starts rolling, the bigger it’s going to get. So you want to get your momentum started as early as possible. There’s an article on morning motivation here if you’d like to know how to build motivational momentum in the morning. But stay here if you want to know 6 morning habits.

The 6 Morning Habits

First of all, I want to start off by letting you know these habits aren’t going to be impossible to incorporate into your life. On the contrary, they’re specifically here because they’re so easy and so effective.


Write down up to 3 of the biggest tasks to complete

When you wake up in the morning the first thing you want to do before anything else is write down the BIGGEST Tasks you have to do in the day and the steps you are going to take to complete them. That doesn’t mean meticulous planning. But give yourself a rough idea of what you need to do and the timescale you can do it in. If possible try to get them completed before midday if you can. The average adult’s productivity peaks int he late morning so you want to be working on your most important tasks then. But if this isn’t possible make sure you can finish them as soon as possible. Your will-power decreases throughout the day. So the longer you leave them the less likely they are to be completed.


Okay so you may have heard this before but it goes hand in hand with completing big tasks. You’re going to need to visualize a few things:

  1. Visualise yourself working on the task
  2. The struggles you will face and overcoming them
  3. What it will be like once the tasks are completed. The weight you will feel lifted off your shoulders. The feeling of ease for the rest of the day.

Visualisation is going to help you see the end goal and figure out how to work towards it. As well as pre-emptively thinking about roadblocks that might get in your way as you’re getting started.

Image: Each morning we are born again, it is what we do today that matters most - 6 morning habits

Waking Up


You may find it hard to wake up and if so then you definitely need to read morning motivation. When you get up in the morning it’s true that you should get your body moving. But this DOESN’T mean you have to do massive amounts of exercise first thing. Just to get yourself motivated. What I do is far simpler. I simply jump up and down. I don’t mean jump as high as I can. But I do bounce around a bit. Those little bounces boxers have in the ring. That is the sort of bounce you want. I used to do this out of habit but I believe there’s a reason it works so well.

Think about WHY a boxer does this. They do it to stay alert, to keep their body ready. The same thing will work perfectly for you too! This is definitely one of the 6 morning habits that helped me the most.

Cold(er) Shower

If taking cold showers is to hardcore for you. Then don’t worry you don’t have to do this. But PLEASE don’t keep it warm. What normally happens when you’re nice and toasty? You get tired. WHY would you want to make yourself tired when you’ve just woken up! Turn the shower down as much as you can without getting uncomfortable and leave it there. You’ll be surprised just how much cold you can handle! And if you do take the plunge of a FREEZING shower, how much more invigorated you will feel afterward.

Self Development

2x Audiobook

Heard that you should read every morning when you wake up? If you don’t have the time to do that and you want to cram in as much knowledge as possible then listen to an audiobook! Put it on while you commute to work. At 2x speed, I can listen to an audiobook a week. While on my way to work! 

“But audiobooks are too expensive”

You can get audible for as little as £6.99 a month. I’m sure you can find some way to find that money to better educate yourself!

Out of all of the 6 morning habits, this ONE habit will change your life completely over time!

Motivational Speakers

Start listening to motivational speakers in the morning. There’s constantly a conversation going on in your head. And it’s not always a positive one. If you get in the habit of listening to motivational speakers every morning. It sets the conversation you’ll be telling yourself for the rest of the day.

Failing this just MAKE SURE you’re filling your head with positive conversation. See your life as an epic movie and you are the main character. Do you think Captain America starts his day off by convincing himself he’s not good enough? No, and neither should you! Make sure from the moment you wake up positive thoughts and conversations are going on in your head!

Are You Going To Incorporate These 6 Morning Habits Into Your Life?

The choice is now yours on whether you’re going to adopt these habits. As you can see none of them are hard to do. And I like them like that. I want these to be habits that are possible for anyone. If you do start using these you will begin to see a drastic change in your life. So I hope you make the right choice.

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Morning Motivation – Tips To Start Your Day Right

If you’re like me getting up in the morning can be painful. But only when you don’t start your morning right. Once you change your morning to get the most out of it, you’ll become supercharged and super motivated AND set the mood for the whole day. If you want to get some morning motivation then this article is exactly what you need! Stop wasting your mornings and start using them to build momentum for your day!

Morning Motivation Starts The Night Before!

When you want to get motivated in the morning you need to make sure that you end the day before in the right way. Now you’ve probably heard the standard things not to do before bed. Don’t check your phone or electronics 90 minutes before you sleep, don’t exercise or eat right before bed, don’t go to bed drunk or after drinking caffeine. This is the standard advice given to everybody before they sleep.

But there’s one thing I really like to do before bed, that sets my morning up. And that gets excited. If you have something you’re working towards, get excited about it. Tomorrow’s another day for you to step closer to your dream and get work done on it. Be grateful that you get to wake up tomorrow with a roof over your head and food in your fridge. When you know that you’ve been given a gift in life that so many people don’t get the chance to have, it’s almost disrespectful to not be grateful and get excited about the fact that you are in a place where you have the ability to change your life!

Morning Motivation

Stay excited

 If you want to start your day full of morning motivation carry on your excitement from the night before. Write down your goal and stick it somewhere you can see it. Make it as big and bold as possible. You want it right in your face the moment you wake up. Because if you do this you don’t get a chance to let any thoughts slip in when you wake up. you’re immediately slammed with your dream.


Once you’re up get up. If you’ve seen your dream and you still haven’t got excited then don’t just lay in bed anyway. The moment you’re up you need to get up and stay up. Don’t hit the snooze button. Literally get out of bed and get your feet on the ground. Once you’ve stood up you’re going to find it so much easier to get moving.

If you struggle to get out of bed there is a tip you can use that will help you. it’s called ‘The 5 Second Rule’ and it was created by Mel Robbins. Instead of having thoughts about laziness and shitting your snooze button. Just count down from 5. 5,4,3,2,1. And then get up. If you want to know the reason behind why this works then you should definitely head here https://melrobbins.com/the-5-second-rule/. But honestly, this rule works. And it won’t just work for getting you up but for motivating you in general.

Cold Shower Time

 Have you heard about getting a cold shower in the morning to try to wake you up? Then why aren’t you doing it! Starting your day with a cold shower is the ultimate wake up call. Start it off warm and then switch to cold if you have too. OR at the very least splash your face and arms with cold water to start off with. submerging yourself in cold water gets your heart pumping and the blood flowing. Not to mention the shock will wake you up instantly.

Honestly the first few times I did this I hated it but now I love turning the shower cold. You’ll feel refreshed and invigorated instantly. And let’s face it you’re already more hardcore than everyone else waking up in the morning who is taking a hot shower.

Listen to Motivation

Listening to music in the morning is a good start and it can definitely get you pumped. But if you really want great morning motivation start listening to motivational speakers. My favorites to listen to in the morning are TD Jakes, Les Brown and Eric Thomas. Or listen to a montage of all of them. There are so many motivational speaker compilations start listening to them. Even if you put them on in the background and don’t pay attention to them 100%, your subconscious is still taking them in!


This is the one thing that you will do that will start your day wrong. Don’t EVER check your social media first thing in the morning. We both know if you start checking your social media in the morning you’re going to end up scrolling through other people’s lives. You’re going to lose motivation before you’ve even started. Don’t check social media until you’ve had your cold shower and you’ve got a motivational playlist on. Then you’ll be in the right mindset to quickly check your social media accounts and move on.

Why Does This All Work?

There’s a hidden reason why doing all this in the morning works. It’s because you’re also using self-discipline. When you wake up in the morning sometimes it can be hard. It can be hard getting out of bed and jumping into a cold shower. It can be hard not going on social media and listening to motivational speakers instead of the music you want too. But when you choose to do what’s right over what’s easy, that self-discipline will be carried through the day. Eventually, it will become who you are and it won’t be hard anymore. It will just be a good habit. The sooner you start this the sooner it will become your normal morning.

So tomorrow, when you get up, are you going to make the most of your morning or are you going to hit the snooze button go back to sleep and ruin the rest of your day?

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