Keep Consistent And You’ll Get What You Want

When you look throughout history at all of the successful people in life, who do you think are the ones that are most successful? It’s not the ones with amazing talent or skills. Or the ones that seem to have a ‘gift’ for something. While these may be a great prerequisite they’re not what causes success. It is the people who keep consistent, no matter what happens, who become successful.

If you don’t believe that is true then you should check out all of these successful people who stayed consistent no matter what! All of these people stayed consistent no matter what happened. They’re dogged determination kept them moving forward at all costs.

But those are other people’s lives. You might be telling yourself that they’ve been given something you haven’t been. Well, that’s simply not true.

You TOO Used To Keep Consistent In Your Life

There has been a time in your life where you had UNRELENTING consistency no matter what. You may have kept falling down again and again. But no matter what happened you’d get up one more time and give it another shot. When was this time? When you were learning to walk. That wasn’t a metaphor I was writing but an ACTUAL FACT about your life. (Unless you had the great misfortune of being born unable to walk).

Even so, imagine the constant effort it must have taken you to learn how to talk. As a baby, it was easy for you to keep consistency. To keep learning how to speak and later on how to write. So what’s stopping you now?

When you were learning these fundamentals in your life YOU didn’t have any extra talent, brain or gifts. And neither did anybody else. We ALL learned through consistent effort.

Even later on in life how many hours did you spend learning to ride a bike before it became second nature to you? If you quit just because you weren’t having fun would you be able to ride a bike today? No. But once again you were able to keep consistent. On the outside, nothing was changing. You probably fell off your bike again and again like me. I can still remember the constant pain I felt from bruises on my knees. But if you were like me and the majority of the population. You just kept going until what you saw inside your head became reality outside of your head!

How Can This Help You?

What I’m telling you is nothing new. You knew this already, emotionally. But it’s good to remind yourself because it often gets forgotten.

But yet when you come to some great undertaking you don’t want to do it. You worry about the amount of time and effort it will take. And what if after all of that time and effort you don’t end up successful?

Is there a time in your life when you kept trying at something and you just couldn’t quite hit the mark? Maybe this knocked your belief in yourself and warped your view of the world a little bit. But I want to tell you right now, you didn’t fail because you weren’t good enough, or because consistency doesn’t work. You failed because you STOPPED being consistent. You weren’t patient enough with yourself. If you carried on with whatever goal it is that you wanted to achieve no matter what. Do you think you’d be successful now? The chances are you would!

When you were a child you learned that stumbling and falling was a natural part of life. It didn’t bother you. But it was when you grew up that it started bothering you. Throw these negative beliefs out of the window. Because they’re only holding you back from the truth.

succuss isn't always about greatness. it's about consistency. consistent hard work leads to success. greatness will come.

You Can STILL Reach Your Dreams If You Keep Consistent

So now that you’ve remembered this, you are more than aware that whatever you want to achieve in your life is still possible! In fact, it’s almost impossible for you to fail! The law of averages gets stacked higher and higher in your favor every day you take consistent action towards your dreams. Until at last, nothing else is left for you EXCEPT succeeding.

Think of the goal you want to reach as if you were building a house. Every consistent task and action you take adds another brick to the house. Some bricks may be extremely heavy. Some bricks may take a lot of time to lay. But if you keep laying them consistently again and again eventually the house will be built. And your dream will be accomplished.

All that’s slowing you down is how much time you’re going to spend on building your dreams every day, and how big your dreams are! But rest assured that not only is it possible BUT probable if you keep taking consistent action every day!

What Is The Future Going To Hold?

I’ve started consistently going to the gym and I’m going to do this for 3 months. How much of an improvement am I going to see in 3 months? I have an ectomorphic (skinny) body. But you can guarantee if I go to the gym every day I’ll still be in better shape than someone with a mesomorphic (naturally muscular) body who never goes. This is because consistency is more important than natural talent. If I continuously write blog posts. My blog is going to be filled with FAR MORE value than the most talented blogger who never bothers to write.

Where are YOU going to be in the next 3 months if you take consistent action towards your goals every day? You could COMPLETELY change your life in that amount of time. And set it spiraling in a completely different direction. You could steer it in a direction you want it to go!

And the best part is the longer you keep consistent the better able you are to see how far you’ve come. If you’ve ever been in a situation where you haven’t seen a noticeable change in the direction you want. It’s because you haven’t been consistent long enough OR you’ve been consistently going in the wrong direction. Make sure that you’re following the right course and you keep consistently at it and your success is bound to follow. As long as you never quit…

Now it’s up to you. I hope you make it your mission to keep consistent in your own life!

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