Real Life Success Stories – Don’t Be Afraid To Fail

Don't be afraid to fail - real life success stories

It seems like the majority of people who fail at their dreams is too quick to give up. They stop stretching toward their goal and settle. Fate, luck, and talent don’t decide somebodies ability to succeed. Their ability to keep saying yes in the face of all odds and standing by their passion does. So don’t be afraid to fail! These real life success stories are a reminder that anything is possible for you. And all you have to do is keep persisting no matter what! These are the people who didn’t quit until they were successful. 

Real Life Success Stories

Jim Carrey

In Toronto, Canada a man was born into a lower-income family. And dropped out of school when he was 15. He became a janitor with the hopes of one day bringing laughter to the world. He got his first ever gig at a comedy club in Toronto, he stepped up on stage filled with nerves and fright for his big moment… and got booed off. A failure this hard would deter most people from going after their dreams but not Jim Carrey. In fact, he continued starring in comedy clubs around Toronto. And he started becoming better and funnier until he went back to the same bar that booed him out and won the audience over. Now he is a MASSIVELY successful comedian. 

It is better to risk starving to death than surrender. If you give up on your dreams, what's left?

Walt Disney

1920’s America, In a dysfunctional family where the children are running away from their father one young man, had a penchant for drawing. He started working for a newspaper where he got fired because he “lacked imagination and had no good ideas”. Undeterred he continued where it’s alleged he got rejected dozens more times.At times he is so poor that he had to eat dog food to afford his rent. Success finally came to him when he created the character “Oswald the Rabbit” however it is short-lived, he doesn’t trademark the character and his artists leave him to work for his distributor. Then Mickey Mouse is created and the rest is history. 

Walt Disney is one of the most famous names in the world! What would have happened if he gave up after his first failure? Don’t be afraid to fail… You could be the future Walt Disney, you just have to keep going no matter what.

All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them

Thomas Edison

If you were told by your teachers that you were “too stupid to learn” as well as being fired from your first two jobs for lack of productivity; it may look like you weren’t destined to do a lot with your life, from an outside perspective. That is exactly what happened to Thomas Edison. His failures did not end there though. Everyone remembers Thomas Edison for the lightbulb which he is famous for failing 1000 times, but he also had 1,093 different patents out for inventions, with only a handful being successful. Determination or ignorance Thomas Edison’s confidence in himself allowed him to bring the modern world alive. As well as becoming one of the worlds most successful inventors.

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.

Abraham Lincoln

A president of the United States also had his fair share of failures. Abraham Lincoln’s list of failures is so long it’s a miracle he managed to keep trying until he found success. Before running for presidency he ran 2 businesses that failed. He then fell in love, only for his love to die too. This all happened before Abe turned 25. Shortly afterward he suffered a nervous breakdown. It’s still not over however as Abraham Lincoln also failed at running for state legislator, congress, senator and vice president before he became the President of the United States. If a man who had such a bad hand dealt to him in life could still become the president, what is stopping you right now from living your dreams?

Don’t be afraid to fail, compare your life to Abraham Lincoln! If he can succeed why can’t you? This should be one of your favorite real life success stories. Because if a man can go through all of this AND become the president of the United States. Then it shows anything is possible for us!

And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.

Micheal Jordan

When you have a disappointment or setback in life, how do you react to it? Do you quit and go back to what you were doing before, or do you redouble your efforts and become more determined to win. If you do the latter you are like basketball all-star Michael Jordan. When Jordan was in school he was rejected from his sophomore varsity team and put on the junior team instead. While this was, in fact, a tactical move by his coaches who realized that time on the junior team would give Jordan more time to practice his skills, he saw it as a defeat and went home that very night to his room and cried.

In his eyes not being put on the sophomore team was the worst thing that could have happened to him. Instead of remaining what he thought was a loser, Michael Jordan practiced harder than ever. He’d train every day and when he got tired of training he’d remember how he felt the exact moment he’d been “rejected”. This gave him more and more motivation to keep going. Jordan knew that his limits were as much a product of his imagination as his fears. That is why he was able to do what he did.

Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.

So Don’t Be Afraid To Fail!

Which one of these real life success stories was your favorite? For me, it’s Abraham Lincolns! Now you have the choice what are you going to do? Are you going to chase your life and your dreams and become the best person you can? Or have these real life success stories left you unphased?

Maybe it’s time you started to build your life too!

The choice is yours! And remember don’t be afraid to fail. These men weren’t so why should you be?

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