Set Goals And Crush Them Effectively

How many things have you wanted to do in your life but failed to hit the mark? If you’ve started a task with tons of enthusiasm and drive but then fallen short of the mark, this guide is perfect for you! The reason most people don’t hit the achievements they want is simply that they don’t have an effective plan of attack for their goals. They don’t set goals and crush them effectively.

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The NUMBER ONE Thing That People Do Wrong

You want to know the first thing people do that completely ruins their chances of success. This ONE mistake so many people make, that holds them back from really crushing their goals. They set a goal they have no control over.

They set a goal that they can’t control. That they leave up to chance. You can see it in so many peoples goals… ‘I will make £2000 a month’, ‘I’m going to lose 10lbs’ or ‘I will have 10,000 visitors to my blog’. Are these results possible? YES DEFINITELY. But the most important thing that you need to do is change the goalposts. You need to make them a target you have complete control over. Instead of ‘I’m going to lose 10lbs’ your goal should be ‘I’m going to go running 5 times a week’ or ‘I’m only going to eat one unhealthy meal a week’. See the difference? These goals are completely in your control AND the end result will still be what your aim is.

How can people ever set goals and crush them when they don’t have full control over the end result?

How To Set Goals And Crush Them (SMART)

You’ve probably heard of the SMART method before in setting goals. If you have you can skip this section. But it’s always good to read over and refresh your memory. The SMART system for goal setting consists of 5 targets you need to have for every goal. You need to get Specific. Keep your goal Measurable. Make sure it’s something that’s Attainable. And keep it Relevant and Time-bound.


Make your goal as specific as you can. When making your goal specific think about: what EXACTLY it is you want to achieve? What do you need to do EXACTLY to achieve your goal? If your goal isn’t specific enough, you will end up going off on tangents. You may start taking tasks you think are useful, but really have no relevance to your end goal. Remember the more exact you are the more specific your goal will be.


How measurable is your goal? Make sure you have quantitative measurements rather than qualitative measurements. You want numbers that are consistently measurable. For example being happier is not an effective measurement, how can you measure happiness?. But measuring the number of hours you’ve cut from your working life, therefore, increasing your quality of life is. So aim for goals that have CLEAR measurability


This one is a bit of a fine line. You need to make sure your goal is something you’re definitely capable of. While at the same time making sure you’re not pushing yourself so hard that you will lose motivation and quit before your goal is complete. If you have to, aim for something that’s easier rather than harder. And as you progress begin to make your goal more and more challenging. Think of attainability as your carrot on a stick, you always want your goal just within reach.


Is this goal something that YOU want to do? Don’t set a goal just because you think it will make somebody else happy. Make sure this goal is relevant to what you truly want. Is running 5 times a week relevant to losing weight. Is writing more blog posts a month relevant to getting more visitors. YES. Keep your goals relevant to what you want! If your goals aren’t relevant, change them quickly.

Time Bound 

Make sure you have a time frame in which your goal must be completed. If your goal doesn’t have an end date then you may lose motivation because you have no sense of urgency to push yourself. Just like attainability, you walk a fine line. Make sure you give yourself enough time to complete your goal, but not too much time that you have no sense of urgency. And remember the bigger the goal the bigger the timespan. If you have a huge goal you need to complete, break it down into smaller more manageable goals with smaller timespans, that you can achieve quickly. To keep your motivation high.

What Is Your ‘WHY’?

You need to make sure you know exactly WHY it is you want to achieve your goals. When thinking about your ‘why’ a good trick is this: If you had to explain to somebody else why you have your goal, what would you say to convince them that this is something that is worth doing? Your ‘Why’ is so important so don’t overlook it like a lot of people do. Just like if you don’t set goals that you are in control of if you don’t know your ‘why’ your chance of success gets smaller and smaller as you lose your sense of motivation!

To set goals and crush them effectively remember:

It’s always important to use words that are ‘certain’ instead of words that are ‘maybes’. For example, you should say ‘I WILL do this’ not ‘I WOULD LIKE to do this’.

So to recap, Keep your goal:

  • Written down.
  • Clearly defined.
  • Easily measurable.
  • Something that is achievable for you.
  • A goal that is made for YOU and not to impress someone else.
  • And in a realistic timescale.

I’ve made this handy goal setting action plan that you can download and use to write your own goals:

Goal Setting – Free Action Plan

If you really want to set goals and crush them effectively. You can use this action plan more than once to make it more manageable. “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.”

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