Psycho Cybernetics Summary

You have a machine inside your mind. Don’t panic. This machine is what’s pushing you towards success. Or failure. Every person has this machine inside their head and this is what Maxwell Maltz called Psycho Cybernetics. But, after finishing the Psycho Cybernetics summary you’re going to have a core understanding of how you can programme your mind for success.

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Psycho Cybernetic Summary

Self Image

Everybody you know has a self-image of themselves. And the type of people they are. The problem is that self-image isn’t always an accurate representation of who we really are. Some of the ways we view ourselves can be really positive. However, unfortunately, some of the ways can be extremely negative.

I used to have a negative self-image of myself. That I wasn’t good enough. And sometimes thoughts of inadequacy still pop into my head. But what you’ll take from reading this psycho cybernetics summary, and what I know now is that even though these thoughts can enter your mind from time to time, it’s what you choose to dwell on that really has the negative or positive effect on your life.

The Story In Your Mind

It all starts with the story you tell yourself in your mind. If in your head you believe you’re a winner you’re going to develop winning qualities in your personality and in turn you’re going to become a winner. And the opposite is true, if you think you’re a failure, you’ll begin to create habits that contribute to your failure and you’ll become a failure. You are just one big self-fulfilling prophecy. And the good news is that you can change this. You can turn it all around.

So where do these stories come from?

These stories come from every experience or memory you’ve had. It’s all stored in your subconscious mind. It doesn’t matter if it’s a negative experience or positive one. One of success or one of failure. For example, I can think of maybe one or two experiences in my childhood that affected me in a negative way. And I held onto those experiences for so long. Which in turn caused my negative self-image about never being enough. What have you been holding on to that isn’t bringing value to your life?

And, could actually be causing damage to it.

When I started to believe that maybe I was good enough and that I could do amazing things with my life that’s when I started seeing an amazing change in my life.  Eventually having the privilege of bartending across Europe, hosting cocktail masterclasses and meeting tons of amazing people. And this is possible for anyone. Once they remove the negative story their telling themselves and realise the true story of their life and who they are.

How Do You Change The Story You Tell Yourself?

The way Maxwell Maltz says to challenge the story you tell yourself is to question the negative belief. Challenge it. Ask it ‘Why?’

Before I questioned those negative beliefs it used to go a little something like this:

Negative Belief:  “You’d never be good enough to get that job” 

Me: “Yeah, there’s a million people that would fit the job better than me”

Or maybe it’s

Negative Belief:  “Why would they want to talk to you? You’re not funny”

Me: “Yeah, I guess there have been times I’ve said something and there was just an awkward silence”

Don’t become submissive to the negative thoughts in your head. If you do, you’ll be stuck like I was all through my teenage years. Never doing what I wanted to do, talking to the people I wanted to talk to and acting the way I wanted to act.

Instead, you should handle the negative beliefs like this:

Negative Belief: “You’d never be good enough to get that job”

Me: “Why wouldn’t I? I may not have as much experience as everyone else, but I’m a hard worker and quick learner, I bet if you gave me the same amount of experience and time someone else has had, I could do the job just as well as them if not better!”

Negative Belief: “Why would they want to talk to you? You’re not funny”

Me: “I’m a good listener and I’m interested in people, why wouldn’t they talk to me. And actually, even though there was that one time I didn’t get the response I wanted, there have been a lot more times where I have made everybody laugh. And in fact, I am funny”

What negative belief have you been letting push you around?

Whatever it is you’ve got to start questioning it. Because it’s always going to hold you down.

How To Replace Negative Experiences With Positive Ones

I said earlier about how every experience you have is stored in the mind. And that to live a successful life you need to think about success and remember successful experiences and moments in your life. So what happens if you don’t have any experience you can draw upon? Well, that’s the best part about this book.

You don’t need any experiences.

Your nervous system can’t tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined. To your subconscious mind, everything is reality. So if you’re suffering from low confidence and self esteem, there is a solution. And that is to visualise yourself as being a person with high confidence and a lot of self esteem.

Close your eyes and really imagine the kind of person you would be if your confidence skyrocketed.

How would you hold yourself?

What would you feel like?

How would you act around other people?

What clothes would you wear?

All you have to do is imagine and visualise every small detail and the story you’re telling yourself will begin to change to a positive more healthy one. You do this every day and over time every negative belief you’ve had about yourself will reveal just how fragile it really is. And you will see the kind of confident, positive person you truly are!

Did You Enjoy The Psycho Cybernetics Summary?

I hope you enjoyed this psycho cybernetics summary. I highly recommend that you buy Psycho-Cybernetics, because it holds the keys to unlocking the ‘you’ you truly want to be and the life you truly want to live. If you did enjoy this psycho cybernetics summary make sure you check out the rest of my book summaries:

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