Overcome Limiting Beliefs – Brief Overview

Overcome Limiting Beliefs – Brief Overview

“I can’t do that I’m not good enough” We all find it hard to overcome limiting beliefs like this at some point in our lives. If you were like me you used to have them constantly. Always holding yourself back from the things that you want to do, feeling like you are missing out on life. The good news is that with a few simple steps, consistency and a different outlook, you too will be able to overcome limiting beliefs.

Limiting beliefs are planted in us when we are growing up. They can be planted by people such as teachers, parents or children who tell us we can’t do something. Normally it will be a bad experience where we get the belief that we aren’t good enough. While this may be true at one point in time, the chances are this has changed with your continued growth.

To really understand this take for example how circus elephants are trained. When the elephants are just babies, they will get their legs chained to a stump in the ground. The elephants will struggle and struggle to break free, but simply won’t be able to muster the strength. The belief is planted that they will never be able to break free from the stump.  The limiting belief is so powerful that even when the elephants are fully grown they won’t even bother to fight against the stump. Even though now it easily has the strength to break free, it simply doesn’t believe that it can. 

Now that you have a better understanding of limiting beliefs, you might be wondering how to beat them, the steps are simple enough, so just put in the effort and your life will start to change.

Step 1

“Reality is a projection of your thoughts or the things you habitually think about”

The first step is to accept that everything you don’t like about life is because of you. Stop blaming where you are in life on external situations. Start accepting that it if you overcome limiting beliefs your external situation will change. If you don’t believe this is true read these stories about the origins of successful people throughout history. None of these people had easy starts in life but they had unshakeable beliefs in themselves and that anything was possible for them.

If you are not willing to accept this first truth, the rest will not work for you.

Step 2

Start to look at areas in your life that you are not happy with. Find the limiting belief hidden underneath it. “I can’t do something because…” “I’m not good enough for that” “It’d never work for me”. These are some of the common underlying beliefs that you could be telling yourself. Once you find out what the belief is it’s time to move on.

Step 3

Begin questioning the limiting belief. “Why can’t I do that?” “I’ve seen other people do this, it’s possible for me to do this too” “I can acquire the skills necessary to achieve this” Plant seeds of doubt in your seeds of doubt. If you still have a hard time trying to overcome limiting beliefs remember this: A belief is not a fact, it is not true. You are telling yourself a story which you are choosing to believe. But that story is just your opinion.

Overcome limiting beliefs

Step 4

Start imagining a different belief that is better suited for you. Just imagine for a second that what you want to achieve is possible. The more you start to believe it is possible, the more you can understand that if you keep working on yourself and challenging your beliefs it will become probable. See yourself doing what you want to do, and believe in your ability to do it.


Step 5

The best step, once you’ve changed your belief from impossibility to probability, start taking action. Start acting in the way you believe you would act without your self-limiting belief. The more you start doing this the more your belief will change. It will change from thinking about what you can’t do into knowing what you can do.

Now that you know how your beliefs are holding you back I hope you take the right steps in shifting them. Start today and plant an idea in your head no matter how small it is, that you are able to do more than you know right now. Hold onto that thought and let it grow every day and eventually your self-limiting beliefs will cease to exist.

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