Importance of Self Discipline in Life

Have you ever wondered what separates the successful from those that aren’t? Most people just say it’s because they were born rich. Or they have god-like motivation that no normal human can ever acquire. The real reason behind their success is because they have self-discipline. I know it’s easy to look at successful people and think they have had an easy path. But let’s face it, if you were to ask them how many hours they spent working on their goals, the number would probably tally into the 1000’s. So what is the importance of self discipline in life? First of all you need to know:

WhMotivational Quote: Push yourself because no one else is going to do it for youat is self-discipline?

In the shortest sense self-discipline is control over yourself. While the definition is simple, acquisition is hard. To have self-discipline requires you to control your states and your emotions in any circumstance. Self-discipline can be seen clearly when you find yourself doing what you don’t want in order to achieve something great later.

What is the importance of self-discipline in life?

The importance of self-discipline in life is you gain the ability to put what you’re feeling at the moment aside. You rule your emotions instead of being ruled by them. If you don’t see how amazing having this ability is, think for a moment of all the things that could be possible for you. Imagine if negative emotions like fear, procrastination, and laziness were non-existent to you. The importance of self-discipline in life can be seen when you start choosing delayed gratification over instant gratification.

Instant gratification vs Delayed gratification

Instant gratification = Your desire for satisfaction right now.

Delayed gratification = Denying satisfaction now so that you can have greater satisfaction later.

Is there an area in your life where you choose instant gratification over delayed gratification?

I used to be a sucker for instant gratification when it came to wasting money. Instead of spending money on developing myself I used to spend it on needless things. A way that I overcame instant gratification was to weigh up the benefits. I could have one night out (the equivalent of 6-12 hours of fun) or I could use that time and money more efficiently and at some point in the future, have money and time constraints no longer be an issue for me. Tough choice right…

Reacting vs Responding

Self-discipline can also be beneficial for your success when it allows you to respond instead of reacting. In this scenario which is the better way to act?

Your friend made a commitment to you at some point in the past. Now the moment has come and they have bailed on you and left you high and dry. This isn’t the first time they have done this and it’s really beginning to drive you crazy.

Do you:

  1. A) Lose your temper and react in the moment. Say words that you can never take back and potentially damage your friendship forever.


  1. B) Feel your temper rise but take a breath. Look at it from their point of view. Maybe they do have a genuine reason why they can’t make it. When you find out why, calmly raise the issue that this isn’t the first time they have flaked on you and tell them it’s beginning to bother you. Now you are able to more easily figure out a solution where you’re both winners.

Obviously B is more beneficial for you and your friend. When you are ruling your emotions instead of the other way round you will always be able to get the best results not just for you, but for everybody around you too.

Now that you know

How are you going to start acting in your life?

Are you going to let your emotions control everything you do? Sometimes you’ll get a lot of work done if you’re feeling motivated, and sometimes you’ll sit in bed all day and do nothing. Or are you going to conquer your emotions and do what you need to do even when you don’t feel like doing it? The choice is yours.

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