Great Things Never Came From Comfort Zones

Have you ever heard the saying great things never came from comfort zones? If you’re like me, you may have spent a lot of time in your comfort zone. Feeling like you’re inside a mental cage in your own mind. Struggling to get out. And the more you push, the more fear you feel. But no matter how old you are or how much you’ve missed out on it’s never too late to leave your comfort zone. In fact, the more you’ve missed out on and the older you are the more imperative it is to start leaving your comfort zone.

How To Know If You’re Stuck In Your Comfort Zone

You may be in your comfort zone and not even be aware of it. Sometimes people get so used to doing the same thing they forget that there’s more to life. And end up getting stuck in a rut or routine. Doing the same thing over and over. Constantly thinking “there’s more to life than this.”  However, there are some telltale signs that can show you if you’re clinging to your comfort zone. And it’s time to leave if you are.

The biggest tell-tale sign is if you find yourself holding back in life. Great things never came from comfort zones. And by staying in yours you could be: holding back from a new job, a new experience you wish to have, or maybe even grand thoughts in your head that you don’t want to think about.

Or maybe you have a great idea that you know you should talk about but don’t have the courage to. Maybe it’s something funny you want to say or an interesting conversation you wish to have and because you let your comfort zone hold you back someone else beats you to it. If you notice this happening in your life all the time or something that resembles this, then it’s time for you to start realizing why it is so important to leave your comfort zone.

Great Things Never Came From Comfort Zones

Why you should leave your comfort zone

There are 100 reasons you should want to leave your comfort zone. But if you can’t think of any, here are a few big ones that can help you. And some of my favorite ones, that have helped me push out of my comfort zone and can also push you out of yours.

(FOMO) Fear Of Missing Out

The number one best way to push yourself out of your comfort zone is through the fear of missing out. Stop thinking about what can go wrong. And start thinking about what you’re going to be missing out on if you don’t take the chances that are in front of you.
In fact, every time you see yourself missing out on an opportunity that you have been too scared to take, make a note by writing it down or remembering it. Keep doing this for every single thing you miss out on. And eventually, you will see how much of your life you are missing out on. Resulting in you immediately starting to take more positive action.

Living An Unfulfilled Life

If you think the fear of FOMO is bad. OR missing out on an event every once in a while; Just imagine what your life will be like if you miss the majority of exciting opportunities. The small events that you miss out on every day will eventually add up to years that you have missed out on. And then a lifetime of missed opportunities.
And the same is true the other way round. You can have a whole new life open ahead of you TODAY. If you take every opportunity that is given to you and make the most of them.

Never Bringing What You Have To Offer Into The World

Maybe the thought of missing out doesn’t bother you, or the thought of living and unfulfilled life. But what about the thought of not bringing something good into this world. Start thinking about how selfish it may be for you to hold back something great from the world. You have something in you that can make the world better. And if you don’t bring it out, you are not only letting yourself down, but the world as a whole will be a little bit more empty.

To Break Out Of Your Routine And Make Life Less Boring

It is true that great things never came from comfort zones. And you will never know this more until you start breaking out of your routine and doing new activities. The more of the world you experience, the more you will notice that your comfort zone has been holding you back this whole time.

If you’ve been stuck in the same routine for a long time, you may just be used to it. Thinking that’s normal. Let me tell you life has so much more to offer you. So why not take a chance to try something new. And push yourself out of your comfort zone.

To Become More Confident

When you break out of your comfort zone you don’t JUST become more confident. You also become stronger and reach higher levels in life. And the great thing is every time you push your comfort zone, the actions you take become a little bit easier, your mind gets stronger and stronger.

If you haven’t expanded your comfort zone in a while it may seem scary. Just remember, everybody feels like this at first and the strongest people are the ones that get up and take action. No matter how small and full of fear they are.

To Live An Amazing Life

This is MY main motivation for growing out of my comfort zone, maybe it can be yours too. Like I said before great things never came from comfort zones and an amazing life will never come from your comfort zone either. Just think about the life that you could live and the things that you could do if you didn’t have a comfort zone. You could travel the world, start an amazing business, help thousands of people.

Because the truth is there is nothing really stopping you except your own mind and your own limitations.

Have These Reasons Helped You?

I hope after reading this you feel inspired to do something new and step out of your comfort zone. Just by writing this article, I’ve also stepped out of mine. Because instead of typing like I normally do, I’ve been dictating everything into a speech to text app. Meaning anyone can hear what I’m saying out loud. Which is out of my comfort zone.
So what big step are you going to take right now to change your future and step out of your comfort zone?
Remember great things never came from comfort zones and it’s time for you to step out of yours and start living the life that is destined for you.

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