How To Stop Worrying And Start Living Summary

how to stop worrying and start living summary

Are you tired of worrying all the time? Are your thoughts always so far in the future that you can never really enjoy the present moment? Well, don’t panic, there is a way to stop these constant negative thoughts! After reading this how to stop worrying and start living summary you’re going to have a great understanding of 3 tactics you can use to curb your worrying and start living in the moment!

This was the first self-improvement book I ever read, and it is that started a dramatic change in my life. I went from being a anxiety filled shy 18-year-old to a confident and social man. If you’re interested in the same thing happening to you then keep reading!

How To Stop Worrying And Start Living Summary

In this summary, you’re going to find some of the key principles that many people have used in their life to curb their worry! Including a step by step guide to defeating negative thoughts once and for all! This guide is never going to be as detailed as the book, but it will give you a good understanding of the principles in the book.

Lesson 1: How To Deal With Problems

Have you ever wondered where your negative thoughts and worry come from?

Most of your worry comes from the fact that you don’t know enough about a situation. Think about it. When you’re playing a scenario over in your head, what are you imagining? Is it something that is probable to happen. Or is it something that is most definitely NOT going to happen?

The first step to not worrying is:

Step 1: Collect All The Facts And Write Them Down Before Analysing

Before you start any kind of worry make sure that you know ALL of the facts. By writing everything down you’re going to be able to organize your thoughts better and get a better viewpoint of your problem. Also, you’ll find that writing your worries down is almost therapeutic. When you get your problems out of your head and into the real world you begin to notice most of the time they aren’t as big as you’ve made them out to be!

And most importantly make sure you keep this list as factual as possible. Don’t over exaggerate anything. You’ll realize that the majority of the outcomes that are most likely to happen aren’t bad at all.

Remember: ” Half the worry in the world is caused by people trying to make decisions before they have sufficient knowledge on which to base a decision.”

Step 2: Accept The Worst Case Scenario

Now that you have all the facts, find the one that is the absolute worst case scenario that could happen to you, and accept it. This is the hard part. To help you accept the worst case scenario think about all the different actions you can take to limit the damage. And you’ll find that each passing solution adds a little bit more strength to your resolve until the worst case scenario isn’t nearly as bad as it once was.

Step 3: Start Thinking About How To Handle Other Situations

You’ve spent a good amount of time thinking of all the possible solutions for the worst case scenario. And the best part is that this probably won’t even happen! Now it’s time to think about solutions for things that could be a possibility. Once again write down as many different solutions as you can for all the different outcomes until you have enough solutions to feel a lot less anxious than how you were feeling before.

Step 4: Make A Decision And Stick To It

Now that you’ve got all of the possible solutions to all of the possible problems, just make a decision. And once the decision is made don’t backtrack yourself or wonder if you’ve made the right choice. Just stick to your decision.

You should use these 4 steps every time you are worrying about something. Not only are they going to reduce the amount of stress you’re feeling over a situation but they’re also going to help you find better solutions that you may have thought up before.

Lesson 2: Stop Living In The Future

Right now is there anything IMMEDIATELY that you need to worry about? Is there a lion bursting through your front door? Are you half way through a car accident? No. Because you can only worry when you’re living in the future. You can’t worry in the moment because if something were to happen you’d be too busy acting to worry.

Understand that you can only worry in the future and by being in the future you’re only missing out on the now. Instead what you should so, as Dale Carnegie says, is live in day tight compartments.

This doesn’t mean that you should never plan and think about the future. You should have a good idea of where you want to be going and what you want to do. But don’t live there. Plan for the future but live in the present.

Ways to help yourself do this are by:

  • Averaging the odds that something negative is going to happen to you in the future (most of the time it’s extremely unlikely).
  • Don’t try and change something that can’t be changed. Whatever will be, will be. There’s no use worrying about something you can’t change.

Lesson 3: Only Worry For A Certain Amount Of Time

Never worrying about the future is quite unrealistic. And sometimes it might actually help to worry a LITTLE bit about the future. So the next big lesson is to only give yourself a certain amount of time to worry about the future.

If I cut you off in traffic today how long are you willing to stay angry at me for? Would you carry that anger around with you all week? Or would you let it go?

If someone was going to meet you but they don’t turn up, how long would you wait for them before leaving?

Think about your worry like this. How much time are you going to give to your worry? Sometimes worrying is inevitable but just like someone who cuts you up in traffic, there’s literally no point thinking about it all day.

Once you’ve found the solution to overcome your worry (Lesson 1), then the only thing left to do is forget about your worry. Because there’s no more you can do, except live.

Lesson 4: Only Focus On Postivites And Act Happy

Saying to forget about your worries is easy. Putting it into practice is hard. The next lesson is a little tip that you should use to help you overcome your worry. And that’s too start focusing on the positives and all the happiness you already have in your life. Do you know you can LITERALLY make yourself happy? If you want to be happy, start thinking positive happy thoughts. Think about all the things you are grateful for in life. Write them down. You can’t feel worried when you’re too busy feeling grateful.

And if that’s still not working change your body language. Just like your emotions affect your body the opposite is also true. If you’re feeling sad and you hold a big smile for a couple of minutes, you’re going to start to feel happier. If you puff your chest out and hold your head up high you’ll start to feel more confident and believe that you can take on the whole world.

Lesson 5: People Who Are Criticising You Are Envious Of You

Up until I was 20 I always worried about what people thought about me or what they were saying about me behind my back. And then when I started putting myself out there more there were some people that would try to put me down and make me feel like I was stupid. And a lesson that I wish I learned earlier from this book is that the people that are criticising you and hating on you, are envious. They’re envious of the life you’re living and the person you are.

There have been times in my life that I’ve criticised people because of envy. If someone played guitar better than me I used to say they were rubbish or that they were fakes. They were actually really good musicians, but my envy made me want to put them down. And it’s because I didn’t feel that I was good enough, not because they weren’t.

If you want to stop worrying about what other people think about you the answer is simple. If someone is criticising you, it’s because they envy you.

Lesson 6: Co-operate With The Inevitable

Life is filled with uncertainties, and some things are simply beyond our control. Rather than wasting our precious time and energy worrying about these uncontrollable aspects, it’s more productive to accept them and adapt accordingly.

By co-operating with the inevitable, we can focus on the things we can change and influence. Remember, life is a constant dance between what we can control and what we cannot. Embrace the serenity that comes with accepting the things you cannot change, and channel your energy towards what truly matters.

In my opinion, the best way to do this, is to continuously invest in yourself. That way when the inevitable does happen, you know you're skilled and confident enough to handle whatever comes next!

Lesson 7: Face Your Fears

Facing your fears is no easy task, but it is a crucial step towards personal growth and freedom from worry. Often, the things we fear the most lose their power over us once we confront them.

As you face your fears head-on, you’ll realize that they are not as insurmountable as they once seemed. Each time you conquer a fear, you’ll become stronger and more confident, paving the way for a more fulfilling and worry-free life.

Lesson 8: Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

In the grand scheme of things, many of our worries turn out to be insignificant. Learn to differentiate between what truly matters and what doesn’t. Don’t let minor inconveniences or fleeting setbacks consume your thoughts and drain your energy.

By focusing on what’s truly important and letting go of the rest, you’ll cultivate a greater sense of peace and well-being.

However, this can be easier said that done. If you do find you stress about everything big or small, then I’d highly recommend you check out the book Everything Is F*cked by Mark Manson.

Lesson 9: Build Your Self Confidence

Self-confidence is the foundation and in my opinion one of the number one ways to create a worry-free life. Believe in yourself and your abilities to handle whatever challenges come your way.

Recognize your past successes and use them as reminders of your resilience and resourcefulness. On top of that, constantly learn things that interest you, and try to skill up wherever you can, to increase your belief in yourself even further!

As you build your self-confidence, you’ll discover a newfound sense of empowerment, enabling you to tackle worries with courage and determination.

Lesson 10: Take Care Of Yourself

It’s easy to neglect self-care when worries consume our minds. However, taking care of yourself is essential for maintaining a balanced and positive mindset. Nourish your body with nutritious food, prioritize restful sleep, and of course exercise regularly!

When you prioritize self-care, you’ll notice increased mental clarity, improved resilience, and reduced levels of anxiety.

I cannot stress enough how much exercise and just getting out can help your mental health! It doesn’t have to be a gruelling hour work out, even walking and getting some fresh air in a serene location may work wonders for you!

Lesson 11: Help Others

Sometimes the best way to alleviate our own worries is to focus on helping others. Engaging in acts of kindness and compassion not only distracts us from our own concerns but also brings immense fulfillment and joy.

By extending a helping hand to those in need, you’ll shift your perspective and realize that your worries are not all-consuming. Together, we can make a positive difference in the world and find solace in our shared humanity.

On top of this, oftentimes when you help other people, it also feels like the universe starts putting people in your path who can help you too!

Lesson 12: Enjoy The Journey

Life is not a destination; it’s a journey filled with ups and downs, twists and turns. Embrace the process and find joy in the moments along the way. Celebrate your achievements, no matter how small, and savor the experiences that bring you happiness.

By embracing the journey, you’ll develop a resilient and positive mindset that allows you to worry less about the future and live more fully in the present.

Out of all the lessons you can learn from How To Stop Worrying & Start Living, this is the biggest one for life!

You just need to learn to enjoy the journey. I'm still only 30, but even now I look back on all my worries, and realise none of them ever came to pass. There were ups and downs, but I came out okay.

It can be hard to learn to enjoy the journey, but learning how to embrace the good times and the bad times, is one of the keys for a fulfilling life.

When the hard times come, try to find a support network you can rely on, and when the good times come, just enjoy them without thinking about the bad times!

And Those Are The Top 12 Lessons From How To Stop Worrying And Start Living

I hope you enjoyed this How to Stop Worrying And Start Living Summary, and that it helps you to live a happier more stress-free life! If you did like this book summary I highly recommend reading some of my other book summaries:

The Checklist Manifesto Summary

The checklist manifesto summary

How often do you use a checklist in your life? You probably scoff at the idea right? As if you need a checklist, you never forget anything. Well, what if I told you that checklists are used by some of the most intelligent people in the world. Surgeons and pilots alike use checklists every day. Maybe checklists are more important than you think? The Checklist Manifesto summary you’re about to read is going to give you a great understanding of why you should use checklists AND how to make an effective checklist.

The Checklist Manifesto Summary

The checklist manifesto has 3 main parts I think are important to take into account.

  1. Why checklists are important
  2. The different types of checklist
  3. How to make a successful checklist

Here is how to handle all 3 parts in more detail!

Why Do We Need Checklists?

There are a whole bunch of reasons that we need checklists in our life. So of the most common reasons are!

To Remember The Monotonous Tasks

There are so many reasons that we need checklists. Have you ever had to do a lot of monotonous tasks in a row? The chances are you may have forgotten to do one or two OR just skipped over one altogether. Sometimes those tasks you find incredibly boring are the ones that most need to be done.

I ALWAYS used to leave the oven on after cooking or leave my house keys in the front door. It’s such a simple action to remember but I’d always forget to take it. Think how handy it would have been for me to just have a checklist when locking up the house or after cooking a meal.

If I followed the checklist I would have always had the reminder to turn the oven off and take my keys with me. Luckily for me, I’ve never burnt down my house or had a break in. But you can begin to see that if you had checklists in certain areas of your life they could be extremely helpful.

There’s Too Much Information

Just think about how far we’ve come. We are in the information age. We live in a time where if you want to know ANYTHING you can just go on the internet and find your answer. Our technology has become so powerful that your cell phone has more computing power than the technology used to send Neil Armstrong to the moon.

And think about how far knowledge of the human body has come. In the fifties, if you had a heart attack you’d be prescribed a lot of rest and painkillers, nowadays they have a hundred different treatments depending on the circumstances and your lifestyle.

In The Checklist Manifesto, Atul Guwande says that in this time of unlimited information having a checklist is more important than ever.

To Amplify Your Skills & Free Your Mind

We’ve all experienced moments when we’re so consumed by our tasks that we overlook essential steps, haven’t we? Does this mean we’re lacking skills? Not at all! Remember when I forgot to take the keys out of my house? It’s not because I’m not skilled or smart, but a simple oversight.

Checklists aren’t there to make up for our skill deficiency. Instead, they are tools to amplify our skills and free up our mind. They help us organize our talents, keep us focused, and ensure we apply our abilities in a structured and comprehensive way. Isn’t it amazing how a simple list can elevate our expertise?

You want people to make sure to get the stupid stuff right. Yet you also want to leave room for craft and judgment.

The Two Types Of Checklist

There are two types of checklist that are going to assist you in your day to day life. One of them Atul Guwande calls “READ-DO” the other checklist is “DO-CONFIRM”.

If you’re going to create a READ-DO checklist it means you’re going to read the step you need to take before completing it. I find this checklist comes in handy when you’re doing a task that is complicated. By reading over the point first you’re going to get a clear idea of what you need to do before doing it.

If you’re going to create a DO-CONFIRM checklist then you’re probably going to use it more for the monotonous tasks. This is going to be the tasks that it’s easy for you to skip over because they’re so boring or you think that you don’t need to do it.

How Do You Make A Successful Checklist?

Okay, so now I think I might have sold you on the idea of having a checklist in your own life. The next step is to create a checklist. But if you’ve never made one before, you may be wondering how to create a great one. Well, it all starts with…

Keeping Your Checklist Short

You may think about having one massive checklist for every little thing, consisting of 30 different things that are going to make it impossible for you to forget any minute detail. But this is going to be TOO many. If you have a checklist that is going to take more than a minute to read the chances are you aren’t going to stick to it. Atul Guwande says the ideal amount of points you want on your checklist are 5-9. Any less than that and there’s no point bothering with a checklist. Any more and you probably won’t end up following all of the steps.

Use The Language That’s Understandable

If it’s not just you that’s going to be using your checklist make sure that you use language that everyone is going to be able to understand. For example, working on a bar if you ask for the spec that means you need to know the ingredients in a cocktail. If I said that to someone who’s never worked in a bar, they might not know what the hell I’m talking about. So when making your checklist make sure that you keep the language simple and understandable.

Keep Your Checklist Simple

Would you remember a grocery list that goes into the details of each and every ingredient you need to buy? Probably not! We remember things that are simple and specific. This concept applies to checklists as well.

A checklist that works best is simple, specific, and easy to remember. It doesn’t involve fancy jargon or convoluted steps, but points out what needs to be done in clear, concise language. Because who doesn’t appreciate simplicity?

under conditions of complexity, not only are checklists a help, they are required for success.

And Remember, It’s Monotonous Steps That Are Often Missed

It’s not the hard steps that are often missed but the easy ones. The monotonous ones, the ones you REALLY don’t want to do not because they’re hard but because they’re boring. If you know you NEED to take these steps then make sure you put them on your checklist.

And keep your checklist short, concise and clear. Only put the essentials on your checklist to ensure that you don’t begin wasting time with what is unessential and convincing yourself that other actions are unessential as well.

Test Your Checklist Regularly

Now, imagine if air traffic controllers used checklists they’d never tested before! Scary thought, isn’t it? Just as pilots test their planes before take off, checklists should be tested in the real world before they are used regularly.

This ensures that they work as intended, and any unforeseen issues can be identified and addressed. After all, isn’t prevention better than cure?

Keep Your Checklist Up To Date & Relevant

The world around us changes constantly, and so do our tasks. A checklist that worked a year ago may not be as effective today. Therefore, checklists should be updated regularly to reflect new knowledge and best practices.

They are not static but dynamic tools that evolve with our tasks and responsibilities. Doesn’t it feel great to know that your checklist is always up-to-date?

Make Sure Everyone Who Needs To Use It Can

Ever been part of a team where communication gaps led to errors? I have, and just like you I know how frustrating it can be! This is where checklists can save the day! They should be used by everyone involved in a task, not just you or a couple of people.

When everyone works from the same list, it ensures clear communication, eliminates misunderstandings, and synchronizes efforts. Who wouldn’t want that kind of harmony in their team?

Has The Checklist Manifesto Summary Helped you?

Do you feel like The Checklist Manifesto summary has helped you? If so then get busy creating your first checklist! I know it’s easy to read something but the hard part is actually putting pen to paper and creating a checklist that is going to change your life. I guarantee if you do create a checklist you’re going to become a lot more productive in your life.

Just remember, though, while checklists are incredibly useful, they’re not a magic bullet. They won’t make problems disappear instantly or ensure perfect outcomes every time. But can they make a real difference in the world? Absolutely! They can help us stay organized, improve efficiency, and minimize errors. In a world full of complexities, isn’t it reassuring to have such a simple tool at our disposal?

If you did like this summary and you want to know ALL the information from The Checklist Manifesto then you can read the book here.

Either way, I hope this summary was beneficial and you use it to change your life today!

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The Compound Effect Summary: 10 Greatest Lessons You Can Learn!

the compound effect summary

How many times have you woke up and told yourself today is the DAY! I’m going to start going to the gym every day, I’m only going to eat healthily, I’m not going to waste my money, I’m going to save. And how long does this plan last? maybe 3 or 4 days before you give up.

Well, The Compound Effect Summary you’re about to read is going to show you the key principles that have been missing in your life and also WHY the key isn’t massive action but small consistent action every day.

The Compound Effect Summary – 6 Lessons From The Book

Here are the 6 best lessons that you can learn from The Compound Effect:

1. Small Positive Daily Actions Are The Key To Success

Let’s say your friend is trying to eat healthier. they tell themselves, “From this day forward I’m going to cut out all bad food and drink from my life. I’m going to stop drinking, stop smoking, and go on the paleo diet, I’m only going to eat fruits, vegetables, and meat.” How long do you think they’re going to stick to this plan? Because the chances are their willpower will deplete too quickly to see any noticeable difference.

But what if you had the same goal but a different plan. Instead of trying to do everything at once you decide you’re going to start by eating one less unhealthy meal and one more healthy meal per week. And as the weeks go on you’re slowly going to add more healthy meals. If you did this over a few months maybe you probably wouldn’t notice much of a difference. Maybe even after a year, you might not notice a difference. But after a couple of years, you’d notice that your diet is completely changed and you’d be living a completely healthy life.

So you see your goal shouldn’t be to change your life dramatically which is unrealistic and unreliable. But to change your life gradually, which is going to result in amazing growth over time and a lot easier to stick to.

An amazing example that’s used is that if you were to just cut out 125 calories from your diet every day (such as your morning coffee), after 31 months you would have lost 15 kilograms of weight. That’s an AMAZING result for such a small change.

Think Of It Like The Domino Effect

Have you ever observed a row of dominoes falling one after another? The compound effect works just like that. Every small action you take creates a ripple effect, knocking down barriers and propelling you closer to success.

Don’t underestimate the power of your consistent actions. Each positive choice you make builds upon the last, creating a wave of momentum that carries you towards your goals. Remember, the first step is all it takes to set the dominoes in motion!

2. If Success Came Quickly You Wouldn’t Appreciate It

The second amazing lesson from the book (and something I sometimes struggle with) is that if success were to come to you extremely quickly, you wouldn’t appreciate it. Take for example lottery winners. How many stories have you heard about lottery winners that have blown all their money in a year and are poor again? This is because they didn’t put the work in. They don’t have a true idea of the value they’ve been given.

Now think about if someone earned the same amount of money and worked extremely hard for it. Do you think they’d be so quick to blow all their money? Probably not. If you’re not getting the results you want to see don’t let this discourage you. You need success to take time otherwise you wouldn’t appreciate it as much. And would be more likely to end up losing it!

We are all self-made men and women, but only the successful take credit for it.

3. Your Daily Choices Shape Your Destiny

It’s not some grand event that shapes a persons destiny. People don’t make one life-altering decision that is going to change the course of their lives forever. It’s small choices every day that shape your destiny. You’re not going to become obese or bankrupt overnight. If you become bankrupt it’s because of a string of bad financial choices and if you become obese it’s because of a string of bad health choices.

But it’s the small decisions that are going to shape your destiny. The decision to eat a chocolate bar over an orange every day. The decision not to go to the gym instead of going. Or maybe the decision to spend all your money on clothes and the newest phone instead of investing your money. When you look back on your life it’s not going to be one BIG decision that has brought you where yo are now, but a lot of small decisions.

If you want to start changing your life for the better you need to understand this! It’s not ‘bad luck’ that has gotten you where you are now. But the small choices that you’ve been making every day.

4. The Trick Is To Create A Routine That Builds Momentum

If you want to make small daily actions that are going to benefit your life every day the trick is to create a routine that is going to help you build momentum every day. When I first started going to the gym I found it incredibly difficult to go every day. Some days I’d go at 10 in the evening, other days I’d go at 9 in the morning. The problem was I’d find it hard to stick to this. I’d have to build up the willpower to go every time.

If you’re looking to build momentum the key is to create a routine and just stick to it. Now I go at 10 in the morning every day. Doing this has created the HABIT of going to the gym which builds more and more momentum over time and becomes easier and easier. It gets to the point where it just becomes part of the natural rhythm of your day.

So whatever it is that you want to have in your life start to incorporate into your routine slowly. If you want to save money every payday just put some money into a savings account and forget about it. If you want to eat healthier every day just incorporate a healthy meal into your diet. Doing this is going to build more and more momentum which is going to make it A LOT easier to achieve your goals.

5. Stay Away From Things That Are Going To Have A Negative Effect On Your Momentum

Another key point in this book is that you need to stay away from anything that is going to have a negative effect on your momentum. If you were hanging around with someone that was always telling you you’re never going to be able to do something think about how that is going to affect your momentum.

Likewise, if you’re always watching the news or reading newspapers maybe you should try to stay away from them. The negativity that is spread in the media is going to give you a negative mindset about the world and how it is. Resulting in you losing momentum. I’m not saying that these problems don’t exist, but what I am saying is that having all these negative influences aren’t going to benefit you and your life.

Instead of hearing negative things try finding positive shows and music to listen to. Listen to inspirational speeches, podcasts on learning and information videos. These are going to have a much better effect on your momentum.

You alone are responsible for what you do, don’t do, or how you respond to what’s done to you.

6. Obstacles Are Going To Bring Your Closer To Your Success

Do you ever get that feeling like you bashing your head against a wall? That no matter what you do you can’t seem to get over an obstacle. Well, the good news is that your obstacles are actually going to get you to success quicker.

The moment you find yourself at an obstacle or like you want to give up, that’s the time when you should push harder! When I was younger I used to be extremely shy and didn’t want to talk to anybody. But, by constantly pushing myself I was able to become more confident than if I had just stayed inside my little shell.

What area of your life are you facing an obstacle in? Whatever area it is, remember that if you attack it head on and push past it, you’re going to become successful even quicker because of it.

7. The Magic of 1%

What if I told you that by improving your performance by just 1% each day, you could be 38 times better after a year? It sounds unbelievable, but the compound effect reveals that even the tiniest improvements, when sustained, lead to exponential growth.

So focus on the little things, those daily habits and actions that may seem insignificant, and watch how they compound into significant progress. So, ask yourself, what small step can you take today to become better than you were yesterday?

8. The Compound Effect is a Lifelong Process

Patience and persistence are essential when harnessing the compound effect. It’s not a quick fix; it’s a lifelong journey. Keep in mind that great things take time. Stay committed to your goals and trust in the process.

Through consistent action and continuous improvement, you will eventually reap the rewards. Don’t give up on your dreams; persevere and let the compound effect work its magic in your life.

I think for me personally, life gets a lot better when you do the best you can in one day, and then do it again the next. With the compound effect on your side, just taking life one day at a time is going to build better and better results!

9. It’s Also Important Not To Forget About The Law of Accelerating Returns

The more you do something, the better you get at it. The compound effect is not just about adding up small actions; it’s about the continuous learning and adaptation that occurs along the way.

Every time you practice a skill, you become more efficient, allowing you to accomplish more with less effort. Embrace the opportunity to grow and develop your abilities. Remember, the more you invest in yourself, the greater the returns you’ll experience.

10. BUT The Compound Effect is Not for Everyone

While the compound effect is a powerful tool, it requires patience, discipline, and a long-term perspective. It’s not for those seeking instant gratification or quick fixes. However, if you’re willing to put in the work and embrace the process, the compound effect can be a game-changer. It empowers you to take control of your life, make deliberate choices, and create the future you desire. Are you ready to commit to the journey?

Those Are The 10 BEST Lessons That You Can Learn From The Compound Effect

I hope you found the compound effect summary extremely useful in your life. If you start taking small actionable goals every day I KNOW they’re going to add up for you over time and produce some amazing results for you! If you want to read some more book summaries then you should definitely check out some of these:

4 Hour Work Week Summary – Top 10 Lessons From The Book

Have you heard of the ‘new rich’ and wondering whether it’s truly possible to escape the 9-5? Is this book just another shovel seller trying to sell the dream that everybody wants, or is there information in it that you can use to change your life?

This 4 Hour Work Week Summary will give you the knowledge you need to make an informed decision on whether you should buy this book!

However, one thing that is important to note, is that this book definitely isn’t a get rich quick book. Instead, it’s a book that will help you change your way of thinking to become more effective (not efficient) which you’ll find out about later, as well as give you a blueprint on how to get the ball rolling!

Don’t want to read? Why not watch the video! And don’t forget if you like it subscribe for more!

What is the 4 Hour Work Week About?

If you’ve never heard about the 4 Hour work week or don’t know a lot about it you may be curious to what it’s about. The book is about ‘lifestyle design’. Instead of living a life that is preordained for you and most people… Which is stay in education for 20 years, work a job you don’t really like for 40 years. And then hopefully have enough money to spend the last 20 years of your life not working.

You can choose to design your life to make the things that are important possible to you. And this book is all about making it so that you can choose to create a life that you want instead of following the beaten path! But you’re probably saying to yourself that is too good to be true!

Keep reading this 4 Hour Work Week Summary to learn the key points that are made in the book!

Lifestyle Design and Retirement

One of the main emphasis the book makes is addressed early on. The fact that the majority of people wish away most of their lives waiting for the golden years of retirement. They sacrifice their best years of energy for ‘supposed’ security when they’re old.

But Tim asked himself what was the point? We live in an age now where retirement may no longer be possible for some people. With the value of currency going down due to inflation, 401k’s falling through and wall street crashes, retirement isn’t as stable as it once was.

So what is the point in sticking at a job you hate? When the promise of retirement may not even exist for you anymore.

What if rather, you find ways to increase your hourly wage massively and take multiple ‘mini-retirements’ throughout your life? This is what lifestyle design is all about. But how do you do that?

Key Points To Take From The Four Hour Work Week

There are so many different key points in the book. Here are the main take aways you should take from the four hour work week!

1. Follow A Different Set Of Rules

Tim Ferriss is a big advocate of the phrase ‘Ask for forgiveness, not permission.’ And if you read the 4 hour work week you will understand why.

When you read the book you’ll begin to see that the ‘rules’ set by society are merely ILLUSIONS that we have all tricked ourselves into believing. Once you realize that reality is an illusion you can DESTROY your assumptions on what can and can’t be done!

I used to be under the illusion that you were supposed to just get a normal job and work until retirement too. I started this blog when I was 24 and a bartender. This book was on of the books that influenced me to aim higher, and now at 30 I own my own company creating blogs online! 

And this is entirely possible for anyone, but you need to learn to shift your views from what society has told you about what's possible and not possible.

So the big rule is to “never follow the status quo if you can do something that is more effective OR more fun”. Just because everyone else is doing it a certain way, doesn’t mean you need to do it that way as well!

You should always be looking for innovative new ways to do things better because this is where you can drastically cut the amount of time you need to make money!

Four Hour Work Week Quote 1

2. No One Wants To Be A Millionaire

…They just want to live a millionaire life.

What if you were told you could live a millionaire lifestyle at a mere fraction of the price. You could sip pina colada’s on the beach and still have enough money to vacation for as long as you want. Well, this is possible for you! All you have to do is free up your time and mobility.

Your goal doesn’t have to be ‘become a millionaire’. You just need to free up as much time as possible. While creating income from sources that aren’t tied to one specific place. The book teaches you that by outsourcing and automating processes, you are able to free up massive chunks of your time.

You might be saying to yourself “this is nonsense, it’s impossible to live a millionaire lifestyle”. Well, think about it this way. £1000 ($1350) may not seem like it will go very far. But how far would it go in other countries of the world?

With the rise of digital nomadism, it's easy to see how many people are doing this, and you can do it too! You just need to setup your life so that it works for you in this way instead of against you! 

In paradises like Thailand and Indonesia, you can live for as little as £20-30 a day, which is pretty cushy for the life you live! And also, pretty doable. All you need to learn is how to make that much money whilst working from anywhere in the world. 1000’s of people are already doing it. So why can’t you?

Four Hour Work Week Quote 2

3. Money Isn’t The Goal

If it’s not clear already, you should know that ‘making the most money’ isn’t the goal. You don’t need to make more than you need. The idea is to make enough money to fund the life that you want to live.

Tim Ferriss says that one of the worst types of people to be is the ‘living dead’. And you should avoid joining them at all costs. These are the people who spend money on things they don’t want, and spending time with people they don’t like so they can try to win the rat race.

Having money doesn’t make you happy. It’s not ‘about having or getting’ it’s about ‘doing and being’. When you can see this then you begin to see that money isn’t the goal but the feeling you get what you spend it on is. And remember that the amount of money you need to achieve these goals is considerably less than you think.

Four Hour Work Week Quote 3

4. Absolute Wealth vs Relative Wealth

The next big point in the book is absolute wealth and relative wealth.

You may think that John who earns £100,000 a year is more wealthy than Abby who earns £30,000 a year. But what if John had to work 70 hours per week and Abby only had to work 10. And what if John’s job was tied to one place whereas Abby’s job could be performed anywhere in the world. Then suddenly Abby seems a lot more wealthy.

And this isn’t even the half of it. This is an extreme example but what if John lived in a city where the average rent cost £2000 per month, and everything else he needed was priced in accordance.

But Abby moved to a city where rent was only £500 a month, and everything else was priced in accordance.

John’s money would get him nowhere. However, because Abby created a job where she could earn from anywhere in the world and moved to a place that’s considerably cheaper. Her money would be worth a lot more and she’d be in relative terms, more wealthy.

Four Hour Work Week Quote 4

5. The Importance Of Delegation And Automation

If you want to live this life, then it’s important you learn to do two things well, delegation and automation. Doing this is going to free up your time for more important things like having fun and thinking of new big ideas!

And with the rise of AI, globalisation, and increased education levels around the world, delegation and automation have never been easier!

Four Hour Work Week Quote 5

6. Learn To Be Effective Not Efficient

This is another mistake a lot of people often make. Tim Ferris says you need to learn to make the distinction between “doing things right” and “doing the right things”

The example he gives is that you can be the best door to door salesman, and be more efficient than anyone, and you’ll make sales.

However, if you wanted to be more effective, then you’d move away from door to door sales, and into a market where you get a lot more reach.

So whatever, you’re doing make sure that you’re being effective first, and then efficient.

This also ties into his thoughts about the 80/20 rule, where in most scenarios 20% of your work is going to give 80% of the results, so you should focus more on this and cut out the rest.

Four Hour Work Week Quote 6

7. What We Fear Doing Is What We Need To Do Most

Another great lesson from the four hour work week, and one that most of us know deep down, is that what we fear doing is what we need to do most. We see fears as indicators that we should avoid something, but in a lot of cases, they’re quite the opposite.

Your fears are the indication of the direction you should head in. Your dreams and goals are just behind them. Remember, all of life is uncertain, there’s no knowing what’s going to happen, so you might as well try to guide it into the direction that you want it to go!

Four Hour Work Week Quote 7

8. People Are Just As Insecure As You

This is a BIG lesson you should take from the book. Everyone is just as insecure as you are! Trust me. I started this blog when I was 24, and thought my insecurities would pass with time, now at 30, with a lot more success behind me, I’m still insecure in some areas.

And that’s okay. Everyone else is too! So whatever it is that you feel you need to do, don’t let your insecurities get in the way of your success. We’re all feeling the same way.

Four Hour Work Week Quote 8

9. Learn To Be A Quitter

This goes against a lot of advice people are often told, but learning to quit isn’t a bad trait, but a positive one. Remember this doesn’t mean QUIT everything.

In life and especially in business, some things are going to work for you and a lot of things aren’t. You need to learn how to identify these quickly, and learn whether it’s appropriate for you to keep moving forward, to take some time away and learn more, or to quit altogether.

Remember this is also the case if you’re not enjoying something anymore, too! Unfortunately, this skill can only come with time, and you must make a lot of mistakes to get the wisdom to spot the difference.

So start making these mistakes as soon as possible!

Four Hour Work Week Quote 9

10. If It’s Important, Don’t Put It Off

There are a lot of reviews about this book but I feel like this is one of the key points in the book that is often overlooked. And that is why I have chosen to include it in my 4 hour work week summary.

Part of joining the new rich is all about not putting off the things you want to do. Stop making pro and con lists and saying to yourself why it can’t be done. If something is important to you, then you should do it. Use it as motivation to create streams of money that will fund you!

The universe is NEVER going to line up for you. You need to learn to take the leap, and course correct as you go. I know it’s scary, but you can do this, you just need to believe in yourself, learn as you go and refuse to quit!

Four Hour Work Week Quote 10

A Conclusion Of The Four Hour Work Week!

If after reading this 4 Hour Work Week Summary you still aren’t sure if this right for you then I suggest you ask yourself the following questions.

What would you do if retirement was no longer an option? Would you still work where you are now? Knowing that is where you’re going to be when you die. Retirement is a worse case scenario. Don’t hedge your bets on that being the winning outcome of your life. Are you really willing to spend the best years of your life doing something you hate for a future that may not happen?

If you’re interested in the 4 Hour Work Week then I highly recommend that you buy it here:
The 4-Hour Work Week: Escape the 9-5, Live Anywhere and Join the New Rich

If you’d like to see the best 4 Hour Work Week Quotes head here.

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Awaken The Giant Within Summary

awaken the giant within summary

While ‘Awaken The Giant Within’ was published over 25 years ago it doesn’t change the fact it is one of the best books you can read on improving your life through your mental state and thoughts. If you weren’t aware already Tony Robbins has an uncanny ability to break down beliefs and emotions that are holding you back in any area of your life. And, while going to see him in action is going to set you back a chunk of money, there’s no denying that he’s placed a whole wealth of knowledge in ‘Awaken The Giant Within’ that is much more affordable! And with that being said this Awaken The Giant Within summary is going to give you insight into some of the key points talked about in the book.

Also, follow this link and get two free audiobooks! so you can pick whichever books you want. I use Audible every day and it’s allowed me to finish a TON of books in a short amount of time!

Awaken The Giant Within Summary

There are 5 BIG ideas that I’m going to cover in this Awaken The Giant Within Summary. And if you invest your time in them, they’re going to provide you with amazing results. The first big idea is:

Big Idea 1: Associate Habits With Pain & Pleasure

There is no denying that changing stubborn negative behavior can be difficult. This is because you’ve gotten into a HABIT. The reason you find it difficult to resist the urge to do something unhealthy is that you’re so used to doing it. As well as the reward or feeling of pleasure that comes afterward. For example, I have a sweet tooth. And I love eating sweets not just for the taste, but for the feeling of pleasure I get. So, every time I think about eating sweets I think about the pleasure I’m going to get.

How Do You Break A Habit?

Once you’re aware of your habit you just need to figure out how to break it. And the key is by associating it with pain. For example, every time I crave sweets, instead of thinking about the pleasure I’d get from eating them. I’d think about how damaging they’re going to be to my health. How sick I’m going to feel after eating them. And by replacing the positive with a negative I’m going to be less likely to chow down on sugary snacks.

And, the other side of the coin also works. Is there a positive habit that you want to develop but can’t seem to stick to? Let’s take for example someone who HATES going to the gym. If you hate going to the gym you’re probably thinking about all the negative associations. Traveling there in the cold, being in pain and constantly out of breath, aching for days afterward. How about instead if you just started focusing on all the positives? Think about how your body is going to look after three months, the discipline and strengthening of your mind to keep pushing yourself. Or perhaps the feeling of achievement when you beat a new record.

If you’re interested in learning more about habits check out my summary of Charles Duhiggs – ‘The Power of Habit’.

Success is buried on the other side of frustration.

Big Idea 2: If You Want To Change, Change Your Beliefs

The second big idea is that if you want to change your life it starts by changing your beliefs.

Life happens to everyone and everyone has a certain amount of shit they have to go through. Sorry to be blunt. And you don’t get to choose that. But what you do get to choose is the story that you tell yourself. Because it’s not what happens to you in life that defines your happiness and sense of fulfillment but what you CHOOSE to believe about that.

For example, there are going to be moments in your life where you’re going to be put in situations that you find boring and uninteresting. You probably think to yourself how you wish you could be anywhere in the world except there. But what if instead, you chose to think about how privileged you are. How grateful you are for the fact that you get to be alive when so many people haven’t made it this far in life. Or how having the discipline to stick to this boring scenario is benefiting you by disciplining your mind and making your mental resolve stronger. There’s always a positive to any situation if you look for it.

If you’re going through negative moments sometimes it’s hard to think of positive things to say. That’s why it’s a good idea to rehearse some positive questions to ask yourself in hard times. Such as “How is this helping me grow as a person?” or “What benefits can I get from this?”.

Another Great Way To Change Your Beliefs

Another great way to change your beliefs and thoughts on a situation is by changing the words you use to describe them. Out loud and in your head. You want to play down your negative emotions. If you’re going through a negative experience don’t say “I hate this so much” instead say “This is mildly annoying”. And likewise, when you’re experiencing or want to experience positive emotions don’t say “I feel good” say “I feel absolutely ecstatic”.

Big Idea 3: Know What Is Valuable To You In Life

Do you know what you value in life right now? You may think you, but you have you ever sat down and truly thought about what you need in life that is going to bring you TRUE VALUE. Some people value security, some people value excitement, some people value family, and some people value freedom. You can value all of these things but you’re always going to value some more than others.

If you want to be happy in life you need to write down all of your values and then prioritize them by what’s most important to you. If you’re having trouble prioritizing, think of all the reasons behind each of your values and this should give you a clearer picture of what’s most important. And also remember that your values are going to change as you grow older.

However, a word of warning, make sure your values aren’t hindering you from life. Up until I was 20 I used to value protecting my ego over everything else. I was extremely shy, scared to talk to people, scared to make jokes and scared to live life because I was so afraid of looking stupid and worrying about what people thought of me. Make sure your values are going to help you grow and live life fully, not hinder you.

Big Idea 4 – Choose The Rules That Are Going To Make You Happy

If you want to be happy you need to choose the rules that are going to make you happy. Right now you probably have an idea in your head about what needs to happen for you to be happy. And I guarantee 9 times out of 10 it’s going to be something that you don’t have complete control of.

For example, your ‘rule’ might be “I’m going to be happy when someone acknowledges all the hard work I’ve put into losing weight.” However, by doing this you’re placing your happiness in somebody else’s hands. Your weight loss might never be acknowledged by other people so you’ll end up feeling sad and more than likely giving up. What if you told yourself “I’ll be happy if I go to the gym 5 times this week” or “I’ll be happy if I eat more fruit today.” Doing this places your happiness entirely in your control, and helps you work towards a more fulfilling life.

What rules can you set yourself that will bring you happiness?

Big Idea 5 – Your Emotions Are There For A Reason

This is the last big idea from the book and its one that is going to completely change your outlook on life if you don’t know it. The idea is that your emotions are there for a reason. If you’re having negative emotions they are there to show you something about your life that isn’t quite right now.

For example, if you’re feeling anger ask yourself why? Are you procrastinating too much? Maybe your frustrated that you didn’t say something that you should have. Or maybe you’re sad? You feel like something is missing or you’re feeling lonely.

Whatever the emotion is you should learn to understand WHY you are feeling it. If you are feeling lonely then you know you need to meet up with some friends to stop that emotion. If you’re feeling frustrated because you’re procrastinating so much you know that you need to start doing more work.

Once you understand that your emotions especially negative ones are there to HELP you not HINDER you, your whole life is going to change.

In Brief…

So, in brief, some of the best points to take from this book are to remember to:

  • Associate negative habits with a negative emotion and positive habits with positive emotions.
  • If you want to change your life you need to change your beliefs about life.
  • Know what is valuable to you and then prioritize in order of how valuable.
  • Don’t set rules for your happiness that aren’t in your control.
  • Your emotions are there to show you that something needs to change, they are beneficial for change and should be appreciated not hated.

Was This Awaken The Giant Within Summary Helpful?

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Best Self Help Books For Men (Top 10)

Best Self Help Books For Men

How many books do you read a year? It is said that on average a person reads 4 books a year. That is an incredibly small number. When you read a book you’re reading all of a person’s experiences and what they’ve learned from them. By reading one book you could be saving yourself years of trial and error. With that being said here are my top 10 best self help books for men.

Also, follow this link and get two free audiobooks! so you can pick whichever books you want. I use Audible every day and it’s allowed me to finish a TON of books in a short amount of time!

The Top 10 Best Self Help Books For Men

In this article, I’m going to split the books into 5 different categories: Purpose, Mindset, Relationships, Finance, and Productivity.


The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho

First on the top 10 best self books for men, is one of the first books I ever read. And it’s ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho. The alchemist centers around a young shepherd called Santiago. All of Santiago’s life he dreamt about finding a special treasure. However, his family and town tell him that he should stick to what he’s good at. He’s a shepherd and he’ll only ever be good enough to be a shepherd. That is, until, he is told to follow the voice inside of him…

The book tells an amazing story we all need to hear more often. And that is ‘be willing to be uncomfortable and sacrifice what you’re not happy with’. Because you’ll never find gold if you’re too busy worrying about losing sheep.

This book is perfect for you if you have trouble following your dream and believing in your destiny, going after what you truly want with dogged determination and drive or if you’ve been choosing comfort over being fulfilled.

Buy: The Alchemist – Paulho Coelho

The Last Lecture – Randy Pausch

The Last Lecture is another great book with a painful origin. If you’re not aware, sometimes lecturers are asked to give a ‘last lecture’ which is the last lecture they would give if they found out they were going to die. And unfortunately for Randy Pausch, this truly was the case. Diagnosed with cancer he gave one final lecture. Which held the ideas he wanted to pass down to his children to live a happy life.

This is a truly life-changing book, which makes you become aware of just how fragile and precious life is. And how you have to make the best of the time that is given to you. As Randy says “We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand.”

This book is perfect for you if you’re letting everyday life get in the way of your dreams, having trouble figuring out what you want to do with your life or just need to remind yourself ‘what sort of legacy are YOU leaving?’

Buy: The Last Lecture – Randy Pausch


As A Man Thinketh – James Allen

“A man is literally what he thinks, his character being a complete sum of all his thoughts.”

This is one of my favorite quotes from the book ‘As A Man Thinketh. And it’s one of the many amazing quotes in the book. While As A Man Thinketh is one of the best self help books for men, it’s also one of the shortest. What I like most about this book is that you can read it every day. It’s only 26 pages long but it’s packed with so many incredible life-changing thoughts.

The main focus of the book is how your thought affects your life. And it specifically shows you how thought can affect your health, circumstances, purpose, and achievements.

This book is perfect for you if you are a negative thinker and want to understand the effect that it is having on your life.

Buy: As a Man Thinketh – James Allen

Psycho Cybernetics – Maxwell Maltz

This is another one of my all-time favorite books. And personally, this is the one that has changed my life dramatically. Psycho Cybernetics talks about how your self-image (the way you see yourself) affects your life. Most people think that the world treats them a certain way because of the way that they look or because of a ‘personality flaw’. But after reading Psycho Cybernetics what I found was that the world treats you a certain kind of way because of your defenses. If you think you’re ugly or not good enough, you’ll be more defensive. And in turn, the world will be defensive back.

And the best part of this book: all of the different exercises and strategies it gives you for altering your self-image.

If you’re somebody who thinks that something is out of your reach because you aren’t good enough, then this is the BEST book for you. This is one of the best books you can read in your life in my opinion. And if you take it all in and follow the guidance in it, I guarantee your life will change.

Buy: Psycho-Cybernetics, Updated and Expanded – Maxwell Maltz


Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus – John Gray

Are you someone who struggles to understand why your girlfriend loses it with you all the time? Or no matter how much you try to help her it just seems to make things worse? Then you should definitely check out this one. The whole book is based on the idea that men and women simply think differently.

The biggest idea I took from this book is that while men generally like to solve problems, women like to have their problems heard and validated. The problem occurs when a man tries to help a woman solve her problem or a woman tries to validate a man’s problem. While you’re both trying to help each other in your own way. All you’re doing is making the situation worse.

This book is for any man who wants to have a deeper understanding of the opposite sex, the way they think differently to you and the way you can effectively communicate with the opposite sex in a relationship, so you can both end up happier.

Buy: Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus – John Gray

Models: Attract Women Through Honesty – Mark Manson

Instead of learning lines, or ‘techniques’ to try to attract women, this book is all about teaching you how to be yourself to attract women. What I like most about this book and the reason it is one of the best self help books for men is because of one simple fact. It’s not offering you a quick fix solution. But instead, it’s showing you that by building confidence, accepting yourself and focusing on long-term goals, women will naturally become attracted to you.

If you’re interested in attracting women who are interested in the REAL you, instead of what you think you should be, then this book is a must-read. A warning though if you’re just interested in techniques or lines you shouldn’t buy this book.

This book is great for anybody who wants to build core confidence around women, accept themselves and nurture a deep confidence and acceptance of themselves.

Buy: Models: Attract Women Through Honesty – Mark Manson 


Rich Dad, Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki

If you’re looking for one of the most well-known and best self help books for men this is one that is world-renowned. After reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad, you’re whole mentality around wealth and money will change. You’ll stop seeing money as something you work for and instead see it as a tool you need to utilise to work for you. It will also give you the drive and understanding to see why being an employee or business owner isn’t a great strategy for being financially independent and happy. But instead why becoming an investor and building assets is.

And one of the best books to help you understand that by using your mind you can change your life. One of the best parts of the book for me is when Kiyosaki talks about buying a super car. And instead of telling himself ‘It can’t be done’ he instead asks himself ‘How can I do it?’ This sort of thinking is imparted throughout the book and if you read it you too will absorb it all.

If you’re interested in leaving your day job, earning more money or becoming financially independent, I personally think this is the best book you can buy to learn the underlying principles of a successful money mindset.

Buy: Rich Dad Poor Dad -Robert Kiyosaki

The Millionaire Fastlane – MJ DeMarco

This is another one of my favourite books of all time. and if you’re looking for a great self help book on how to improve your income this is number one! One of the biggest premises of the book is to explain whether you’re on the sidewalk (no savings, no plan for the future, no plan if something went wrong) the slowlane (working 60 years and retiring) or the fastlane (working hard for 4/5 years and making A LOT of money).

The best parts about this book and what will help you most is the fact it actually gives you the 5 principles your business needs to follow if you want it to be massively successful. As well as that it also gives you some good ideas on the different business avenues you can go down.

And to top it all off, one of the things that helped me the most from this book is that it has a helpful decision matrix. If you’re indecisive then the matrix will definitely help you pick what you should do!

The Millionaire Fastlane is for anybody who doesn’t want to work for somebody else, yearns for financial freedom or wants to build a lasting successful business.

Buy: The Millionaire Fastlane – MJ Demarco


The 5 Second Rule – Mel Robbins

How often do you suffer from procrastination?

If you often find yourself doing nothing all day with your time, this book is perfect. The whole premise of the 5 second rule is simple. Every time you find yourself procrastinating you count down from 5. And jump up to tackle whatever needs to be done. It sounds so simple how could it possibly work right? Amazingly it does!

The science of the rule and the success stories are all in the book. As well as that you can also find out how to use it in different scenarios. Such as to overcome fear and anxiety. The rule talks about how Mel Robbins overcame procrastination. She couldn’t even manage to get herself out of bed in the morning.

This book is for you if you suffer from constant procrastination. If you can’t bring yourself to do even the littlest of tasks then you should definitely check it out. It will change your life and supercharge your productivity.

Buy: The 5 Second Rule – Mel Robbins

The Energy Bus – Jon Gordon And Noah Gordon

The Energy Bus is a book all about 10 different principles you can use to give you more energy and productivity in your life. There are so many things that can get in the way of your dreams. Or lower your productivity and energy. And The Energy Bus explains each one in depth and how to overcome them. For example, some of the rules are how to handle people who aren’t on board with your dreams or how your desire and vision give you energy. And of course the most important rule. Reminding yourself to have fun!

The Energy Bus is perfect for anybody who is struggling to find energy in their work life, personal life or if they’re looking for more energy to fuel their passion.

Buy: The Energy Bus: 10 Rules to Fuel Your Life, Work, and Team with Positive Energy By Jon Gordon And Noah Gordon

Don’t forget if you want any of these books then you can get two free audiobooks here!

These Are My Top 10 Best Self Help Books For Men

All of these self help books will definitely be beneficial to your life if you read them! Take the initiative and buy a couple that peak your interest! The price of a book is small compared to the potential benefits you could gain from them! If you liked this article about the top 10 best self help books for men then check out these book summaries:

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Think And Grow Rich

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The Chimp Paradox

And make sure you join the community of like minded people who will motivate, encourage and support you!


Psycho Cybernetics Summary

Psycho Cybernetics Summary

You have a machine inside your mind. Don’t panic. This machine is what’s pushing you towards success. Or failure. Every person has this machine inside their head and this is what Maxwell Maltz called Psycho Cybernetics. But, after finishing the Psycho Cybernetics summary you’re going to have a core understanding of how you can programme your mind for success.

Not got long? Check out this 2 minute video! Don’t forget to subscribe!

Psycho Cybernetic Summary

Self Image

Everybody you know has a self-image of themselves. And the type of people they are. The problem is that self-image isn’t always an accurate representation of who we really are. Some of the ways we view ourselves can be really positive. However, unfortunately, some of the ways can be extremely negative.

I used to have a negative self-image of myself. That I wasn’t good enough. And sometimes thoughts of inadequacy still pop into my head. But what you’ll take from reading this psycho cybernetics summary, and what I know now is that even though these thoughts can enter your mind from time to time, it’s what you choose to dwell on that really has the negative or positive effect on your life.

The Story In Your Mind

It all starts with the story you tell yourself in your mind. If in your head you believe you’re a winner you’re going to develop winning qualities in your personality and in turn you’re going to become a winner. And the opposite is true, if you think you’re a failure, you’ll begin to create habits that contribute to your failure and you’ll become a failure. You are just one big self-fulfilling prophecy. And the good news is that you can change this. You can turn it all around.

So where do these stories come from?

These stories come from every experience or memory you’ve had. It’s all stored in your subconscious mind. It doesn’t matter if it’s a negative experience or positive one. One of success or one of failure. For example, I can think of maybe one or two experiences in my childhood that affected me in a negative way. And I held onto those experiences for so long. Which in turn caused my negative self-image about never being enough. What have you been holding on to that isn’t bringing value to your life?

And, could actually be causing damage to it.

When I started to believe that maybe I was good enough and that I could do amazing things with my life that’s when I started seeing an amazing change in my life.  Eventually having the privilege of bartending across Europe, hosting cocktail masterclasses and meeting tons of amazing people. And this is possible for anyone. Once they remove the negative story their telling themselves and realise the true story of their life and who they are.

How Do You Change The Story You Tell Yourself?

The way Maxwell Maltz says to challenge the story you tell yourself is to question the negative belief. Challenge it. Ask it ‘Why?’

Before I questioned those negative beliefs it used to go a little something like this:

Negative Belief:  “You’d never be good enough to get that job” 

Me: “Yeah, there’s a million people that would fit the job better than me”

Or maybe it’s

Negative Belief:  “Why would they want to talk to you? You’re not funny”

Me: “Yeah, I guess there have been times I’ve said something and there was just an awkward silence”

Don’t become submissive to the negative thoughts in your head. If you do, you’ll be stuck like I was all through my teenage years. Never doing what I wanted to do, talking to the people I wanted to talk to and acting the way I wanted to act.

Instead, you should handle the negative beliefs like this:

Negative Belief: “You’d never be good enough to get that job”

Me: “Why wouldn’t I? I may not have as much experience as everyone else, but I’m a hard worker and quick learner, I bet if you gave me the same amount of experience and time someone else has had, I could do the job just as well as them if not better!”

Negative Belief: “Why would they want to talk to you? You’re not funny”

Me: “I’m a good listener and I’m interested in people, why wouldn’t they talk to me. And actually, even though there was that one time I didn’t get the response I wanted, there have been a lot more times where I have made everybody laugh. And in fact, I am funny”

What negative belief have you been letting push you around?

Whatever it is you’ve got to start questioning it. Because it’s always going to hold you down.

How To Replace Negative Experiences With Positive Ones

I said earlier about how every experience you have is stored in the mind. And that to live a successful life you need to think about success and remember successful experiences and moments in your life. So what happens if you don’t have any experience you can draw upon? Well, that’s the best part about this book.

You don’t need any experiences.

Your nervous system can’t tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined. To your subconscious mind, everything is reality. So if you’re suffering from low confidence and self esteem, there is a solution. And that is to visualise yourself as being a person with high confidence and a lot of self esteem.

Close your eyes and really imagine the kind of person you would be if your confidence skyrocketed.

How would you hold yourself?

What would you feel like?

How would you act around other people?

What clothes would you wear?

All you have to do is imagine and visualise every small detail and the story you’re telling yourself will begin to change to a positive more healthy one. You do this every day and over time every negative belief you’ve had about yourself will reveal just how fragile it really is. And you will see the kind of confident, positive person you truly are!

Did You Enjoy The Psycho Cybernetics Summary?

I hope you enjoyed this psycho cybernetics summary. I highly recommend that you buy Psycho-Cybernetics, because it holds the keys to unlocking the ‘you’ you truly want to be and the life you truly want to live. If you did enjoy this psycho cybernetics summary make sure you check out the rest of my book summaries:

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And make sure you join the community of like minded people who will motivate, encourage and support you!

The Power Of Habit Summary

The power of habit

If you’re like me, you may feel like some days you have an abundance of willpower, and on other days you can barely drag yourself out of bed. Have you ever wondered why this happens? And more importantly, have you ever wondered how you can change your day so every day is highly productive. If so, the power of habit summary you are about to read will address these issues. And not only that, it will give you an effective way of setting habits that override willpower.

Before we really get into the topic of how to set effective habits is important to know that your brain is always looking for a way to save energy. And the biggest way that you can do this is by creating a habit or routines. In fact, your brain is so good at saving energy that up to 40% of daily actions are habits.

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The Power of Habit Summary Points

What is a Habit?

Habits can be broken down into a three-part loop. This consists of an external cue, a routine, and a reward.

  • An external cue is something that happens in the environment, that causes your brain to decide which course of action it should take.
  • After this, your brain will start a routine that it is used to doing, in order to save energy. For example, when you wake up in the morning a cue might go to your brain, which sets a routine for you to go take a shower and brush your teeth.
  •  After this happens, you will normally get a feeling of reward or success. For example, in this case, the feeling of being clean and smelling fresh is the reward.

The more this is done the more resilient the habit becomes. It’s important to realize that some habits, good or bad, become so resilient, that even when you kick them there is always a higher chance of you relapsing. Therefore it is always important for you to stay vigilant with all of your habits. If you know there is a habit that you have a higher chance of relapsing over then you should set an action plan which will help you fight that urge and overcome the relapse before it gets out of hand.

If you already have a habit that you wish to change, fortunately, there is a routine you can follow which will allow you to break the routine and replace your negative habit with more positive habits. Coming up, is arguably the most important part of the power of habit summary you’re reading and that is: how do you change a habit?

Step 1 – Understand What You Crave From The Bad Habit

This is the first step in replacing a negative habit with a positive one. You need to  find out what rewards you get from your negative habit. For example when you smoke it is probably not the feeling of smoking that you enjoy, but instead the feeling of a nicotine rush. This is why patches and vapes are so popular when replacing cigarettes. Because rather than going cold turkey and losing the reward of a nicotine rush. Instead, you get to keep the nicotine rush and form a habit that is a bit more healthy.

What area of your life do you have a negative habit? For example, you might find yourself eating unhealthy food a lot. Perhaps this is because you find it comforting. Or perhaps it is because you like the taste of the unhealthy food.

These are just a couple of examples, which area of your life do you have a bad habit? And how can you replace the negative routine for a more positive one while still maintaining the same reward?

Step 2 – Substitute The Negative Habit With A Positive One

Now that you know the reason you engage in the negative habit, you need to begin substituting it for a positive one. I spoke briefly about how replacing a cigarette with a vape is taking a step towards a positive habit, But how else could you do that?

If you have the habit of eating junk food for the taste, then replace the action with eating an equally tasty healthy meal. If you find comfort in eating. Engage in a similarly comforting activity. But you have to understand the importance of replacing the negative habit. Not just trying to get rid of it. When you replace the habit but keep the reward you’re going to be well on your way.

Step 3 – Believe

Okay, so now you have an understanding of what’s causing your bad habit, the craving. And you’re also aware that you need to substitute the negative habit with a positive one while still receiving a reward. The next step in The Power of Habit Summary you’re reading is to BELIEVE that you can form a new more positive habit. If you don’t think belief is one of the important factors in creating a new habit or changing a negative one. Then just look at Alcoholics Anonymous. As Charles Duhigg says spirituality and God feature prominently in AA philosophy, but its not necessarily the religious component itself that helps people stay sober.” Therefore you don’t have to believe in God, you just need some form of belief. Maybe it’s belief in the system you are using. Belief in the fact that other people have done it and succeeded in the past. Or personally my favourite type of belief. And that is belief in yourself that you are capable to accomplish it.

 Change might not be fast and it isn't always easy. But with time and effort, almost any habit can be reshaped

Want your FREE copy of ‘The Power Of Now? Click this LINK for a 30 Day Free Trial With Audible!

Keystone Habits

A keystone habit is a habit that is used early on to provide a small win to help boost your belief in the habits you are going to form. For example if you wanted to go to the gym 5 times a week instead of focusing on your different gym workouts, what to eat, how often you should train for etc. You should focus on one keystone habit. Just showing up. By doing this you create a positive effect that overflows into the other areas of gym routine. Which in turn makes it more likely for you to stick to your new habits.

The Most Important Keystone Habit Of Them All

Out of all the keystone habits, there is one that is going to have a greater benefit than all the others. In any area of your life. And that one keystone habit is willpower. Because once you’ve cultivated willpower you can literally apply it to any area of your life with great result.

“But you said at the beginning of this article that habits can override willpower” I did say that and it’s true that you should always try to form habits to help you when your willpower fails. But at the same time you need to start by having the willpower to form those habits. And what better way than by making willpower a habit in itself?

The thing about will power is that it’s not something that is always there or always not there. It’s like a muscle. You can exhaust it if you spend too much time doing things that you don’t want to do. Or something that is incredibly tedious. And on the other end of the spectrum you can also improve it and make it stronger. Another way that will power will wane is when you are being forced to do something instead of doing it by choice.

I used to always tell myself I HAD to do stuff, even if I didn’t want too. And naturally this drained my will power and I wouldn’t get a lot of stuff done. Now, I always says I can do it but if it’s up to me whether I choose to or not. Doing this strengthens your willpower. Because you’ve given yourself the choice on whether you want to do something or not.

And Last But Not Least..

The last point in the power of habit summary is that if you really want to give your habit a good chance of being successful then you should sandwich it in between two already successful healthy habits. For example, I have a habit of getting out of bed the moment my alarm goes off and then straight afterwards having a shower. These are two positive habits. However, I recently sandwiched another positive habit in between the time I spent getting up and getting showering. Now, I do affirmations in the middle.

By doing this you are more likely to remember and engage with your positive habit!

Did you enjoy The Power Of Habit Summary?

I hope you enjoyed the power of habit summary I’ve written. Which habits are you going to change? There’s no point in learning something new without putting it into action. If you really want to make the most of this article and the power of habit summary you’ve just read, then I highly suggest thinking of one habit that you can change today.

And if you want to know more about habits, and how habits can affect the people around you and a more detailed guide on how to create habits then don’t forget to buy “The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business” and don’t forget to join the community for free!

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Think And Grow Rich – The Landmark Best Seller

Psycho Cybernetics Summary

Think And Grow Rich Summary

Think and Grow Rich is probably one of THE most well-known Self Development books. It’s up there with How to Win Friends and Influence People. In this Think And Grow Rich summary I’m going to share the best ideas that I learned from the book.

Before I go into this anymore. I should say that some sections DO get a little bit weird. But I don’t recommend you ignore anything outright until you’ve tried it and see how it feels to you.

Think And Grow Rich Summary

One of the reasons this book is so great is because so many people had their part in creating the book. YES while it was Napoleon Hill that ACTUALLY wrote it. There were 500 successful men that told their story. Including the extremely successful Henry Ford and Thomas Edison. If the fact that you can learn the biggest ideas for success these men had doesn’t excite you. I don’t know what will.

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Taking Control Of Your Thoughts

If I had to tell you the one thing you can learn from this book. The most important piece of information that you can find dotted around the book. It’s mentioned time and time again in different ways and different stories. It’s that you have to take control of your own thoughts if you wish to be successful.

I’ve talked before about choosing your attitude towards life and why it’s so important. But in short, the only thing you get to control in your life is how you think. Unfortunately as hard as you try your circumstances are not in your control. Only your thoughts towards them can be. If someone sees defeat in the world that doesn’t matter. Not nearly as much as someone who sees defeat in their mind. When you see defeat in the world you can pick yourself up, brush yourself off and try again. But when you see defeat in your mind. You’ve already prophesied your own failure.

For example, think of a day where you’ve just been in the zone. For me, I have some days where I completely smash my blog out of the park. I write 2 or 3 articles, create some motivational quotes, read for a couple of hours and just completely tackle the day. And I bet you have days that are similar. Well, that drive doesn’t come from anywhere external but from your thoughts deep within you. And with the steps learned from this book you can start to make every day amazing

My Favourite Steps From Think And Grow Rich


Desire is the starting point. Without having something to want you’re not going to shoot for anything. While the book talks about the desire for money. In this Think and Grow Rich Summary I’m going to use these 12 steps for ANY wealth you desire. It definitely doesn’t have to be money! Napoleon Hill states:

Only when a man or woman truly wants something does he or she act towards attaining that which is wanted. Where wishing is often undefined and non-committal, wanting is well-defined and commits to a course of action. When wanting something is fully developed and working for you subconsciously at all hours of the day, you have Desire”

Growing rich, getting healthier, being happier ALL start from desire. And more importantly your desire to make it happen. You need to have “an intense burning desire.” For what you want in life. It should be one thing you obsess about, dream about, talk about. Spend the majority of your day thinking about it. When you have this desire then you are on the right step to success.

I heard about this desire before and I did not believe it was possible. If you’re in the same place let me tell you it is. I feel that desire now. When you get to a point where you’re willing to spend the rest of your life working towards the attainment of your desire. Knowing you’ll never settle for anything else. Then you’ve got the desire that is going to make your dream become reality.

The 6 Steps Of Desire

There is a lot more detail to this Think and Grow Rich but briefly the 6 steps you need to achieve what you desire are to:

  • Fix in your mind the exact amount of money you desire.
  • Determine exactly what you intend to give for this money.
  • Establish a definite date by which you intend to acquire this money.
  • Create a definite plan to acquire the money, and take the first step immediately.
  • Put the four items above into a clear, concise sentence describing each part.
  • Read the statement aloud twice daily, in the morning and at night.

Now it’s important to know that while Think and Grow Rich is primarily about making money, you can substitute for anything it is that you desire. I want to change lives. So if I fix in my mind exactly how many I want to change. How I intend to do it. When I want to do it by etc. My desire will become reality.

The reason this works is that the subconscious works constantly behind the scenes. It is a success or failure mechanism depending on what you put into it. So by constantly thinking about your desire. Your subconscious will work to make it happen.

And as Tony Robbins says “We don’t get what we want, we get what we HAVE to have.”

If you like this Think And Grow Rich summary, check out my review of The Chimp Paradox.


You may not be religious. And neither am I. But I still have to include faith as the second step in this Think And Grow Rich summary. Because it is so vital to attaining your desire.

First, you must understand that this doesn’t mean faith in God. This can be faith in anything. For me personally, it’s the faith in myself that I can accomplish my dream if I work consistently toward it as hard as I can. For you, it might be faith in karma, the universe, a diving being. But the bottom line is you need an unnatural amount of confidence, that your desire can be achieved. You need to truly believe that your success will be inevitable. By doing this you deceive your subconscious. You can even program your subconscious to believe that you already have what you desire! Doing this causes you to act in the way you WOULD act if you had attained your dream, which in turn brings the result you want!

To have this level of faith, you need to be able to see past your failures. You need to know no matter what, success is guaranteed to you.

“I believe that every failure carries within it—in the circumstances of the failure itself—the seed of an equivalent advantage. If you examine the lives of truly great leaders, you will discover that their success is in exact proportion to their mastery of failures. Life has a way of developing strength and wisdom in individuals through temporary defeat.” – Napoleon Hill

You’ve got to be sure of yourself beforeYou can ever win a prize.

Auto Suggestion

Out of all the points in this Think And Grow Rich summary, this is my favorite. I’ve written before about the power of auto-suggestion. And if you’re not aware of what it is OR not practicing it every day. Then you are really missing out.

Auto suggestion is a way for you to use your conscious mind to communicate with your subconscious mind. If you want to find out exactly how to do this I HIGHLY recommend checking out my article on it here. The faith talks about above can be attained through repeated auto suggestion and reprogramming of the subconscious mind.

Why Am I Making Such A Big Deal About Auto Suggestion?

The reason why auto suggestion is so important is that 95% of your thoughts are on a subconscious level. These thoughts that you aren’t even aware you’re having are what cause your actions. If you’re having negative thoughts you’re going to have negative actions. However, through auto suggestion, you can change the thoughts you aren’t aware you’re having and replace them with positive ones. Which in turn create positive actions.

Don’t believe me?

Right now strike the most confident body language pose you can and hold it. And watch how quickly your confidence rises. Now try to do the opposite. Sink into yourself and make a body language pose that lacks confidence. And watch how quickly you’ll lose belief in yourself.

So How Does It Work?

When you combine your desire with faith, and consistently auto suggest to your subconscious the end result that you want. Your subconscious has NO choice but to work out how to make it happen. Because your subconscious is like a machine that gives you exactly what you want. The only problem is it considers what you want as what you think about most. So if you’re always thinking you don’t have enough money going to give you exactly what you’re thinking about. Not having enough money.

This Think And Grow Rich Summary would be too long if I tried to teach you how to auto suggest properly. However, I do have an article on Auto Suggestion or you can also read about it in Think and Grow Rich.

Specialised Knowledge

General knowledge is worthless when it comes to achieving your dreams. Everyone has general knowledge. You learn general knowledge at school for free. To start to grow rich you need to have specialized knowledge. Think of any professional, they paid the price of learning specialized knowledge through time and sometimes money. If you’re not willing to take the time to learn some kind of specialized knowledge, then this Think And Grow Rich Summary isn’t for you. Because without specialized knowledge. You’re not going to have any sort of edge over anybody else.

If you don’t have any specialized knowledge yet that’s fine. There are still steps you can take to acquire it. You can either:

Decide on the specialized knowledge you need, find it and learn it.


You can find a group of people you can call upon when necessary that already know the knowledge. This is exactly what Henry Ford did. He didn’t have much knowledge and barely an education. But because he was able to place himself with people who could answer any question he asked. He was able to become highly successful.

Also be aware that all knowledge is useless without practical application of what you know.


The next step in this Think And Grow Rich Summary is imagination. Imagination is CRUCIAL if you want to succeed in life. Without imagination how are you going to auto suggest to your mind? Or see yourself in a place where you’ve already succeeded.

Because whatever you’re going to bring into this world you need to see it in your own mind first. And the more clearly you see it and envision it. The better you bring it into reality. As Napoleon Hill says “Where desire is the catalyst for achievement, imagination is necessary to give it physical form.”

Organised Planning

What plan do you have for your life? Do you know where you want to be in 1 month, 3 months or a year? Without a plan, you don’t have a destination. You could end up heading in any direction.

Or maybe you do have a plan and it’s been the same plan you’ve had for a year. The only problem is, it’s not getting you where you want to go. If you want to be successful the key is to always adapt and improve your plans. As time goes by things change. And you have to be ready to adapt to this. As Napoleon Hill says:

“When defeat comes, accept it as a signal that your plans are not sound, rebuild those plans, and set sail once more toward your coveted goal.”

Start thinking of questions you can ask yourself on a weekly or monthly basis, to make sure that your plans are in check. Because as Napoleon Hill believes “Faultless plans are essential for the growth of riches.”

Another benefit which is spoken about briefly in Think and Grow Rich is that when you have sound plans that you know you can follow. Then, in turn, you become less indecisive and more of a leader. With sound planning, you know exactly what you should do in your life and making decisions becomes a lot easier.

Mastery of Procrastination

I think I speak for the majority of us when I say we all need this one. If you never procrastinate in your life then YOU have to teach me. But if you’re like the majority of people, you find yourself procrastinating from time to time as well. Napoleon Hill understood that one trait above all others that caused people to fail to succeed was procrastination.

Napoleon Hill declared that the trait that all successful people have in common is decisiveness. You must learn to make decisions quickly and then change them slowly. Once you made up your mind that you’re following a positive path and asserted it in a short amount of time. Don’t become fickle. Stick to your goal and see it through.

The Power of Persistence

In a previous article, I’ve mentioned how important constant persistence and consistency is. So I won’t go into too much detail of what Napoleon Hill said in this Think And Grow Rich summary. But in short, he believes “Persistence is a state of mind that can be cultivated by having a definiteness of purpose, desire, self-reliance, definiteness of plans, accurate knowledge, cooperation, willpower, and habit.” So you should do everything in your power to attain these traits and become persistent. 

There are no limitations to the mind except those that we acknowledge.

The Mastermind

This is another one of my favorite principles that I want to talk about in this Think And Grow Rich summary. I mentioned earlier how Henry Ford didn’t have much specialized knowledge but instead had a group of people around him who could answer any question. Well, that was his mastermind.

Because when two or more minds come together you can think bigger ideas that you may not have come up with yourself. You LITERALLY have more brain power than just one person on their own. Sure you may have to share what you earn with other people. But what you earn will be far greater and in more abundance than a person that goes it alone. If you don’t believe in the power of a mastermind think about the founding fathers of America. Together they managed to write a whole declaration that has been followed for years since.

Remember everybody experiences a different life. Therefore they will come up with new ideas and think in different ways to you. If you want to get ahead in the world you will get a lot further AND have more fun when you go forward WITH people.

Sex Transmutation

This is where it gets a little bit weird. But stick with me because it’s also a very interesting concept. In Think and Grow Rich Napoleon Hill states that the sex drive is the most important drive in a human being. And by using the willpower to redirect that energy into building something positive and following your creative purpose, the energy will be put to better use.

“When driven by this desire, men develop keenness of imagination, courage, will-power, persistence, and creative ability unknown to them at other times.” – Napoleon Hill

Hill also claims this is why men are rarely successful until their forties. Because at this point they become less preoccupied with chasing women and more interested in creative endeavors.

Maybe there is some sound logic in utilizing sexual energy and instead focusing it on something creative and important. Remember, this book came out around 70 years ago. And now there are whole communities that dedicate themselves to the belief that you can use that energy for something more creative.

This may sound a bit voodoo, but maybe you should give it a try to see what happens.

Subconscious Mind

This is a fact. You can only ever have a positive emotion or a negative emotion in your head at one time. Whichever emotion you have in your head is going to be what speaks to your subconscious. So if you want to fill your subconscious with positive you need to think and more importantly FEEL positive. Because faith cannot exist in your mind when you are dwelling on negative emotions like fear and anger.

Your attitude towards life is the only thing you get to choose and it is your responsibility to choose whether your subconscious will be filled with positivity or negativity. But remember it can only be filled with one. So make sure you always fill your mind up with desirable emotions such as love, faith, and happiness. Rather than negative ones such as fear, anger or jealousy.

Now there are a couple more steps that are mentioned in Think and Grow Rich. However, the points I’ve addressed above can give you a solid foundation that you can start to work on in your life. And if you don’t like reading or simply don’t have the time, then get a Free Audible Trial and receive one FREE Audiobook.

What Wasn’t Covered In This Think And Grow Rich Summary

While I did talk about a lot of amazing points in this summary. I have left out ideas about how your brain is a broadcasting system and “the door to the temple of wisdom.” This Think And Grow Rich summary was already reaching 3000 words and I wanted to give the most important information without fluffing it up too much.

So if you are interested, definitely buy Think and Grow Rich because it is an inspirational and amazing book to read. Otherwise, don’t forget to leave a comment and subscribe to my emails if you want more great content. And you can also find me on all social platforms.

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The Chimp Paradox‘.

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Psycho Cybernetics Summary

The Chimp Paradox Summary

The Self-development niche is far becoming a very saturated niche. With hundreds of authors, books, ebooks, videos, and blogs out there it can be hard to know what is going to help you and what is a waste of time. The Chimp Paradox summary I’m about to write will potentially help you change your life. If procrastination, fear, laziness or anxiety are holding you back, then you NEED to keep reading.

What Is The Chimp Paradox About?

The premise of The Chimp Paradox is that there are two separate entities in your head. A Chimp and a Human. The chimp is there to help you survive whilst the human is there to help you thrive. However, there are TWO problems:

  1. The chimp’s only goal is to keep you and your genes going, it is suited for survival in the wild.
  2. The BIGGER PROBLEM… We no longer live in the wild.

The book can help you thrive in a human society by teaching you EFFECTIVE steps you can take to keep your chimp under control.

If you struggle with self-confidence issues, lack of self-control, procrastination, over-eating, laziness. Literally, ANY negative trait that a human can have. Then this book can help you.

Check out the video summary!

How Do I Read So Many Books?

If you’re like me you want to learn as much information as you can. However trying to read book after book is too time consuming. You should be listening to them instead! With audible you can listen to books when you’re commuting, at the gym, cooking dinner, in the bath. It’s a MUCH MORE time effective way for you to read MORE books. If you’re interested in Audible then I HIGHLY recommend getting the 30 day free trial!

How Can The Chimp Paradox Help You?

Throughout the book, there are a number of different coping strategies that you can use to calm your chimp and let the human take over. I want The Chimp Paradox summary you’re reading to be as informative as possible so you can start making changes in your life right now. However, to really feel the true effects, I highly suggest buying The Chimp Paradox. It is an Amazon best seller and well worth the read. But if you’re not sure about the book and want to know some of the biggest changes you can make, then the first thing you should learn to do is:

Take Control Of Your Chimp

Ever had one of those thoughts that you just can’t get out of your head? For me, I used to always worry that I was about to die. For other people, it might be that their spouse is cheating on them. Or how bad they want to eat a Krispy Kreme. No matter how hard you try you just can’t seem to stop the thought going on and on in your head.

Well, there are two ways you can fix it. You can either distract the chimp or box it. The computer is basically your habits and if you programme it properly, you’ll see VAST improvements in your life. When you set your computer right. It will bypass what the chimp thinks and go straight into automatic mode. And the good news is it is relatively easy to change your habits.

You Are Not Your Feelings

One of THE most important things that you can learn from this book, and more importantly FOR LIFE, is that you are not your feelings. Your feelings are there to give you an example of how you COULD react but they don’t mean you HAVE to act in that way. This needs repeating. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO ACT ON YOUR FEELINGS.

When this sinks in your life will change. When you read this book and understand that your feelings are JUST suggestions for how you should act in a situation and not what you have to do. You’ll become simply unstoppable. If you take one thing from The Chimp Paradox summary it should be HOW important this piece of information is.

Distracting The Chimp

One way to control your chimp is to distract it. If you’re constantly thinking about food you can distract yourself by giving your chimp an important task to do. For example, you could plan the rest of your day, or think about what you’re going to do for a workout later.

Boxing The Chimp

If your chimp is frightened, angry or sad you may need to box the. You do this by first, letting it say whatever it needs to say. For as long as it needs to say it. After a while, it will grow tired and then you can box it. When the chimp is tired it won’t be able to fight against the humans logic and therefore you can get it under control.

The person that you want to be is the person that you really are

How Else Can You Be Helped

Goal Setting

The Chimp Paradox summary wouldn’t be complete without talking about my FAVOURITE part of the book, and the part most people really need to understand. And that is accepting disappointment when you don’t achieve your goals. I’ve spoken before about How to Set Goals Effectively. But what happens when you don’t quite make your goal?

There’s a way you can avoid disappointment. And that’s by setting a goal that isn’t controlled by external factors. For example, you could set a goal of getting a job, but there’s no guarantee you’re going to get it. However, if you change your goals too: ‘Reading up on the Job’, ‘Learning interview techniques’ and ‘How to act the part.’ If you don’t get the job you can still be happy. Because you achieved your goals and maximised your chance of getting the job. How can you apply this in your own life?

Dealing with social situations

Ever feel like you HAVE to please everyone? It can be exhausting doing this and in the long run, damaging to your dreams and health. This happens because your chimp and human are struggling with miscommunication. As a human, you value other people and know for society to thrive you need to get along with people. The chimp see’s this with having to get along with EVERYBODY. Even if it’s destructive.

To control your chimp in social situations BEFOREHAND is the key here. Set up rules for what you’re willing to do and let your chimp know that it should not take any other tasks on board. Then when someone asks you to do something you don’t want to do. Your chimp doesn’t need to worry about saying ‘no.’ Because you’ve already established some boundaries and decided what is acceptable to you.

Tip: If you often say yes to people without thinking. Instead of saying ‘no’ outright. Tell them you’ll get back to them. Then that gives them the message that you might not be able to.

The Chimp Paradox summary – Should You Buy?

If you want to see REAL lasting improvement in your life then this book is definitely for you. If you’re looking for a quick fix to all your problems then this book isn’t for you (and good luck finding that). I could not rate this book highly enough.

It is a LITERAL game changer in your life, and you’ll be absolutely mad if you don’t consider buying it. That being said if you’re truly happy with your life and feel like you can’t improve yourself in any way then you should just give it a miss.

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The Chimp Paradox: The Mind Management Programme to Help You Achieve Success, Confidence, and Happiness

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