Power Of Auto Suggestion In Your Life

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Imagine if you could create the EXACT life that you wanted… What is the one thing you would want more than anything else? Is it confidence and charisma? Or maybe it’s money and power? Perhaps you only want love and a family. Whatever it is through the power of auto suggestion it is possible for you…

What is Auto Suggestion?

The dictionary definition of auto suggestion is the hypnotic or subconscious adoption of an idea which one has originated oneself.” What this means is you can train your subconscious mind to help you achieve the goal that you have chosen for yourself. I’ve spoken before about the different ways you can reprogramme the subconscious mind and why it is so important to do so. And this is just one of the many ways in which you can do it. 

Basically, the goal of auto suggestion is to guide your thoughts and feelings, instead of thinking about anything all day long, and in doing so changing your actions and eventually your behavior. The power of auto suggestion normally occurs through a verbal affirmation or an image that you conjure in your head repeatedly. Because by thinking or seeing your new suggestion, your subconscious eventually becomes dominated by those thoughts. And in doing so your behavior will change to fit your thoughts! Pretty simple right?

How Does Auto Suggestion Work?

Your subconscious mind is in control of 95% of everything you do. Your behavior, your actions and especially the thoughts you aren’t even aware you’re having. If you want to know how much control your subconscious mind has over you, just think about the fact that you never concentrate on keeping your heart beating. Because your subconscious does it automatically. What else is it doing for you automatically that you aren’t aware of?

Now luckily there is still 5% of your mind that you can control AND even better, this 5% can influence your subconscious and change your thought patterns completely.

So by using the power of auto suggestion you will be able to:

  • Get healthier
  • Lose your fears
  • Overcome bad habits
  • Increase your income
  • Become more charismatic and confident
  • And generally, master your life.

Your ability to use the principle of autosuggestion will depend, very largely, upon your capacity to concentrate upon a given desire until that desire becomes a burning obsession

How To Make The Power Of Auto Suggestion Work For You

Are you starting to see why auto suggestion is so important? Now you are aware there is a direct link between you and the ability to become everything you want. All you have to do is change your thoughts and replace them with better ones! If you want auto suggestion to REALLY work for you there are three steps that you MUST follow.

1. Practice As Often As You Can

How long do you think you’ve been stuck in the same thought patterns? A year? 5 years? 10 years? You could have been thinking the same thought patterns since your personality started to develop. So for the power of auto suggestion to work you need to start practising it as often as possible.

The bare minimum should be a repetition in the morning when you wake up, a repetition in the evening before bed and 4-5 repetitions through the day at various times. Obviously the more often you can do it the better.

2. Do It With Feeling

The thoughts you think are not what change your subconscious. It is the emotion behind those feelings. If you constantly feel angry WHILST thinking angry thoughts you bring anger into your life. The same is true with all your emotions. So whatever you want to achieve, imagine the feeling you’d feel when you’d done it. And then incorporate that into your thought. If you take one thing from this make sure it’s that you know the power of auto suggestion comes from the emotions you are feeling during the process.

If you’re struggling to think of the feeling that you should feel the best two go to feelings are faith and love in that order. I don’t know what it is about those two emotions but feeling those when you’re auto suggesting gives your thoughts the juice they need to push through to your subconscious.

So whatever you want in your life, start thinking AND believing, with complete faith, that it is already yours. You’ve just got to put in the work to get it. Become so confident that you are going to succeed, there is nothing else for you to do EXCEPT succeed.

3. Write Down Your Auto Suggestion

When you think something in your head that is the only place it exists, it may not feel real. But when you put something down on paper and read it repeatedly. It makes your goal physical it makes it more real in your head. Doing this also gives you the added benefit of a reminder. Place the written down auto suggestion somewhere you can see it repeatedly. And every time you see it, read it with faith that it will come into fruition.

Some great places to leave it are by your bed, in your bathroom mirror, and on a door you use frequently.

conscious auto-suggetion, made with confidence, faith and peserverance realises itself automatically, in all matters within reason.

When Doesn’t It Work?

There are times when auto suggestion won’t work for you. But that’s not because of auto suggestion but because of you. Because this isn’t a new phenomenon it goes back hundreds of years. You can see it in Buddha’s words that ‘what we think we become’ or in the bible the phrase ‘we reap what we sow’. Because what we sow in our minds is what we have to reap. Nothing more or nothing less.

If you’re not getting the results from auto suggestion it’s either because you haven’t stuck with it for long enough, haven’t had emotion behind what you thought OR you simply don’t believe what you are telling yourself. Your subconscious can only receive one message from everything you think. And it relies on what you’re feeling. So if you’re telling yourself you’re going to have £10000 by next December but you don’t believe it. It’s going to follow your emotion not the thought.

How Are You Going To Incorporate The Power Of Auto Suggestion In Your Own Life?

Now is your chance to change your thoughts and your life forever. This is your wake up call that you CAN have the life that you want if you’re willing to dedicate some time, self discipline and concentration towards it. Your mind is more powerful than any piece of technology known to man. So start using it to benefit you!

In the the book Think And Grow Rich, auto suggestion is one of the main tools used in changing your mindset. If it’s being promotoed in one of the most famous self development books in the world. You know it’s worth practicing.

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Good Personal Habits To Adopt In Your Life

I’ve talked before about the advantages of good habits and the way they can transform your life for the better. And for a full depth understanding, you should definitely check that out. But in short, the reason good personal habits are so powerful in your life is that once set, they take minimal willpower to execute. With that in mind, I want to share with you 10 good personal habits. Learn these habits and watch your life transform.

These good personal habits aren’t specific to any one aspect of your life. And if you learn all of them you’ll be amazed at how much your life will improve.

If you suffer from constant procrastination, lacking motivation, or a belief that you aren’t free or not going anywhere with your life. These habits are going to help you tremendously

10 Good Personal Habits For Your Life

Be Grateful (Especially If You’re Feeling Negative Emotions)

This is my favorite habit that I’ve adopted. I used to hate my job and be angry every time I turned up about the situation I was in. While I am actively working on improving my future, I just wasn’t happy with my current situation. Rather than dwell on this everytime I went to work I started to be grateful for my job. I started to think about what it provided me: friends, money, social interactions and pride that I was paying my own way. Consequently, while I’m still not in my ideal situation, I am grateful for my present circumstances, and these help me to live a happier life every day.

Schedule Your Day

I constantly felt like I never had enough time, or that I wasn’t doing enough with my days. And anyone that has this feeling knows how much it absolutely sucks. When you feel like you’re letting your time slip through your finger you panic and get overwhelmed. That’s why I recommend scheduling your day. Your schedule doesn’t need to be anything fancy. In fact here is the one that I use:


I laminated it and now at the end of every day, I schedule out a plan for the next day using a marker. It doesn’t mean that I have to follow a rigid schedule like a robot. But it does allow me to get a better idea of how productive my day can be. And more importantly how to use my time more efficiently. Click the link to download your own Daily Schedule!


Focus On One Goal At A Time

This can be a hard habit to start if you find yourself constantly trying to do a million things at once. But to put it simply it’s better to do one thing whole arsed than one hundred things half-arsed. In your life, you should have on major goal that you plan on accomplishing no matter what. And once you’ve brought this to fruition then you should move on to the next goal and then the next goal.

Because you’re not superman or woman, and you can’t have three or four massive goals because there’s just not enough time in the day. What I mean by this is that you shouldn’t be focusing on getting absolutely ripped or toned, getting the job promotion you want, building a house and learning to be a forex trader all at once (I don’t know anyone who actually does this). But instead, you should nail one thing, and then move onto the next and the next.

This does mean that you will need to prioritize what is most important to you. For example, my primary goal right now is to earn enough of an income online that I can quit my job and start chasing my passion. But someone who needs more stability may have the main goal of buying a house.

But whatever endeavor you choose to be worthy for you… stay resilient, consistent and never NEVER quit until you make it work for you. The journey may change but if you keep the destination the same you’ll reach it eventually!

Plan, Plan Again and Check Your Plans

The next habit goes hand in hand with scheduling your day and having one big goal. Plan. Plan the steps you need to take to reach your goals. And not only this plan for the obstacles that pop up. Remember ‘the obstacles aren’t in your way, the obstacles are the way.’

Once you’ve got a solid plan up and running start committing to it. But remember that plans rarely stay the same. Make sure you’re always reevaluating your plan and changing it when necessary. For me I personally like to go over my plan once a week, doing this helps me foresee any new developments or hiccups that might come up later down the road.

If you fail to plan yo

Listen To Audiobooks

Most people tell you that you should read more books, and if you have the time then you should. But if you’re like me it can be hard to find the time to simply sit down and read a book. So what I have started to do is listen to an audiobook every time I’m: commuting to work, cooking dinner, chores, something mindless. By doing this I am utilizing those hours more effectively and the great part is you can get an audiobook every month with audible for only £6

If you would like a free trial for audible, then simply click this link where you will get 30 days free and one free audiobook! And the best part is if you cancel anytime within the 30 days you still get to keep your book for free!

(This is an affiliate link I make a small commission off, if you’re not happy with that I still highly recommend you go to the audible website and start a free trial.)

If you don’t know what book you should download first then I highly recommend ‘The Chimp Paradox’. No other book I have read or listened to has helped me understand my brains and emotions so much. I’ve written a book summary if you would like to know more!

The Pomodoro Technique

This habit is going to skyrocket your productivity. When you’re undertaking a massive task you should work for 20-25 minutes then have a 5-10 minute rest to let your mind recover. Doing this may seem counterproductive because it feels like you’re doing less work. But if you look at the quality of your work afterward it’s a lot higher than it would be if you mindlessly plowed through it.

Auto Suggestion

Your subconscious mind is a machine that needs programming. 95% of all your actions and thoughts come from your subconscious mind. That sounds pretty scary, right? Well, it doesn’t have to be. Because all you have to learn to do is control your subconscious mind.

Every day you tell yourself a story. It could be why you can’t do something, how you think people will react if you act in a certain way, or that things aren’t possible for you. But what happens if you change this what happens if you start to auto-suggest. This simply means purposefully repeat the same thought in your head until it sinks into your subconscious.

This one of the great good personal habits that you should definitely start to use every day. It takes virtually no effort you just need to think different thoughts and change your thought patterns. And doing this over time will create a monumental shift in the path your life is going!

Compare Yourself

..But only to your past self. The only competition you are in is competition with yourself. It’s so beneficial to compare yourself to who you were yesterday, a month ago or a year ago. If you can be 1% better than the person you were yesterday in 3 months you’re going to be 100% better!

Always compare the amount of effort you’re putting in every day and the results you’re getting in. If you can’t see yourself improving then you may need to replan and try again from a different angle.

Find ways to measure your success and then write them down. Use these results as your own personal best and then go and beat them, keep repeating this process.

Become A Self Motivator

You’re not going to have someone on the sidelines encouraging you every day. That’s why you need to become a self-motivator. What can you say to yourself to get pumped? A great place to start is with a morning routine that you can use every day that gets you ready to go beast mode and tackle the day.

S0me great ways to motivate yourself are by auto-suggestion, doing small tasks to pick up momentum and rewarding yourself for a job well done.

Become a person who only expects the best of themselves and then is your number one believer, pushing yourself every day to reach your goal. Outside motivation is temporary, but when you find a motivation or drive inside of you that comes from deep down, it’s like a tree rooted deep. You can keep absorbing nutrients from the vasts wells inside you.

Become A Great Listener

This is one of the staple good personal habits you hear so often, but I have to include it because of how important it is. To put it simply:

“When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new.” – Dalai Lama XIV

And that’s why you should be a great listener. Where do you want to go in your life? And how do you think you’re going to get there? I’ll tell you exactly how. By learning. And the best way to learn is from other people who have already achieved what you wish to achieve. So stop trying to impress people by talking all the time and trying to be the center of attention. Instead, take a step back and listen to what is being said. Absorb all the information around you, and start using that knowledge to push you further in life.

Which Good Personal Habits Were Your Favourite?

All of these good personal habits are great. But which one really struck home with you? What one do you reckon will change your life? Try to start using them all in your daily life. Don’t do it all at once though. Take small bites until eventually they all just become a part of your natural routine. If you want to know some good personal habits you can use in the morning then you should follow this link. Otherwise, have a great day!

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Keep Consistent And You’ll Get What You Want

When you look throughout history at all of the successful people in life, who do you think are the ones that are most successful? It’s not the ones with amazing talent or skills. Or the ones that seem to have a ‘gift’ for something. While these may be a great prerequisite they’re not what causes success. It is the people who keep consistent, no matter what happens, who become successful.

If you don’t believe that is true then you should check out all of these successful people who stayed consistent no matter what! All of these people stayed consistent no matter what happened. They’re dogged determination kept them moving forward at all costs.

But those are other people’s lives. You might be telling yourself that they’ve been given something you haven’t been. Well, that’s simply not true.

You TOO Used To Keep Consistent In Your Life

There has been a time in your life where you had UNRELENTING consistency no matter what. You may have kept falling down again and again. But no matter what happened you’d get up one more time and give it another shot. When was this time? When you were learning to walk. That wasn’t a metaphor I was writing but an ACTUAL FACT about your life. (Unless you had the great misfortune of being born unable to walk).

Even so, imagine the constant effort it must have taken you to learn how to talk. As a baby, it was easy for you to keep consistency. To keep learning how to speak and later on how to write. So what’s stopping you now?

When you were learning these fundamentals in your life YOU didn’t have any extra talent, brain or gifts. And neither did anybody else. We ALL learned through consistent effort.

Even later on in life how many hours did you spend learning to ride a bike before it became second nature to you? If you quit just because you weren’t having fun would you be able to ride a bike today? No. But once again you were able to keep consistent. On the outside, nothing was changing. You probably fell off your bike again and again like me. I can still remember the constant pain I felt from bruises on my knees. But if you were like me and the majority of the population. You just kept going until what you saw inside your head became reality outside of your head!

How Can This Help You?

What I’m telling you is nothing new. You knew this already, emotionally. But it’s good to remind yourself because it often gets forgotten.

But yet when you come to some great undertaking you don’t want to do it. You worry about the amount of time and effort it will take. And what if after all of that time and effort you don’t end up successful?

Is there a time in your life when you kept trying at something and you just couldn’t quite hit the mark? Maybe this knocked your belief in yourself and warped your view of the world a little bit. But I want to tell you right now, you didn’t fail because you weren’t good enough, or because consistency doesn’t work. You failed because you STOPPED being consistent. You weren’t patient enough with yourself. If you carried on with whatever goal it is that you wanted to achieve no matter what. Do you think you’d be successful now? The chances are you would!

When you were a child you learned that stumbling and falling was a natural part of life. It didn’t bother you. But it was when you grew up that it started bothering you. Throw these negative beliefs out of the window. Because they’re only holding you back from the truth.

succuss isn't always about greatness. it's about consistency. consistent hard work leads to success. greatness will come.

You Can STILL Reach Your Dreams If You Keep Consistent

So now that you’ve remembered this, you are more than aware that whatever you want to achieve in your life is still possible! In fact, it’s almost impossible for you to fail! The law of averages gets stacked higher and higher in your favor every day you take consistent action towards your dreams. Until at last, nothing else is left for you EXCEPT succeeding.

Think of the goal you want to reach as if you were building a house. Every consistent task and action you take adds another brick to the house. Some bricks may be extremely heavy. Some bricks may take a lot of time to lay. But if you keep laying them consistently again and again eventually the house will be built. And your dream will be accomplished.

All that’s slowing you down is how much time you’re going to spend on building your dreams every day, and how big your dreams are! But rest assured that not only is it possible BUT probable if you keep taking consistent action every day!

What Is The Future Going To Hold?

I’ve started consistently going to the gym and I’m going to do this for 3 months. How much of an improvement am I going to see in 3 months? I have an ectomorphic (skinny) body. But you can guarantee if I go to the gym every day I’ll still be in better shape than someone with a mesomorphic (naturally muscular) body who never goes. This is because consistency is more important than natural talent. If I continuously write blog posts. My blog is going to be filled with FAR MORE value than the most talented blogger who never bothers to write.

Where are YOU going to be in the next 3 months if you take consistent action towards your goals every day? You could COMPLETELY change your life in that amount of time. And set it spiraling in a completely different direction. You could steer it in a direction you want it to go!

And the best part is the longer you keep consistent the better able you are to see how far you’ve come. If you’ve ever been in a situation where you haven’t seen a noticeable change in the direction you want. It’s because you haven’t been consistent long enough OR you’ve been consistently going in the wrong direction. Make sure that you’re following the right course and you keep consistently at it and your success is bound to follow. As long as you never quit…

Now it’s up to you. I hope you make it your mission to keep consistent in your own life!

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Personality Development And How It Can Help You

Have you heard the term ‘Personality Development’ before? And are you looking to find out what it’s all about? What if I said it was the study of changing your life…

What Is Personality Development?

The best way to look at personality development is the practice of improving your personality! Chipping away at all the negative aspects. And polishing up the best parts. For example, there are things that you’re naturally good at. So instead of focusing all your time on trying to improve everything you’re mediocre at (and only getting mediocre results), you should invest most of your time on the characteristics that you naturally excel at. And therefore get them to a level of excellence that can’t be reached by someone without your natural gifts!

However, whilst you should focus a lot of your time honing one or two of your best traits. It’s also important to replace or play down your negative traits.

I am an extremely laid back guy. Nothing really stresses me out and I don’t ever feel a sense of urgency. This is my best AND worst character trait. It’s great because I never worry or get stressed about life. BUT it’s bad because sometimes I don’t put in 100% of the effort I know I can and in the end, I sell myself short. So I know the most important way I can develop my personality for the future is to replace putting things off with taking action.

What do you think your biggest strengths and weaknesses are? And what can you do to improve upon what you have and replace or play down what you need to change?

I’m Not Saying You Shouldn’t Accept Yourself

It may look like I’m saying you aren’t good enough the way you are. And that I am not accepting myself. But it’s very contradictory. You should be in a mindset where you’re happy with who you are, but also looking forward to who you will become. Once you get into this mindset you will become unstoppable.

No matter how old you are you can start to develop your personality. Even if you’re 80+ it’s never too late.

Importance of Personality Development

Think about the people you know who went the furthest in life. You know the ones, they always seemed to have their life figured out. And knew exactly what they wanted from it. People tended to gravitate towards them, and no matter what line of work they were in they were always getting to a manager position.

They have got to this point because their personality is well rounded and developed. The people that stand out in life most are the ones are the intelligent ones. And that’s not just intelligence in the sense of knowledge. It’s the intelligence to be able to read people and situations, the intelligence to understand themselves. As well as the intelligence of understanding the rules of life and how to play properly.

All of this intelligence can be gathered from personality development.

Stages Of Personality Development

Your personality is developing all through your life. Just because your body stops growing at a certain point, it doesn’t mean your mind does. The amount of time your personality takes to develop is extremely fast in your early years of life but as time goes on, it takes longer and longer. These are a SHORT and not completely conclusive guide to how your personality develops. Do NOT take these as EXACTLY the way they are. This is just a rough guide to get your head around it.

Up to 18 Months

From Birth to 18 months is the time you will learn about trust or mistrust. If your carer is there for you all the time. And feed you and soothe you, then the chances are good that you will grow up developing trust. However, IF your carer doesn’t give you the attention you need in these first few months. Then you will develop a natural mistrust in people. Of course, this can be devastating to your social well being. This might cause lack of trust later in life. Or feelings that people are talking about you behind your back.

18 Months – 3 Years

This is the start of where your self-esteem will begin to develop. You will start to have control of your own body (Learning to eat and move occur in this phase as well as potty training). The most dangerous part of this phase once again is HOW your parents treat you in this phase. Especially when it comes to potty training. If your parents shame you or make you feel inadequate in this phase, then the chances of having good self-esteem in yourself are very LOW.

3-12 Years

These are the years where you gain a lot of your independence. You learn to play by yourself, dress, create friendship and walk to school by yourself, in the later years. And this is also the time when you begin to notice everybody is different. These are the years that are going to define whether you feel inferior, superior or equal to the people around you.

What groups you get put in at school may define how you view yourself.

12-18 Years

From 12-18 Years old you are figuring out who you are. This where you start to figure out a rough idea of what you want from your life. A lot of pressure can occur in this phase, from the person themselves. Or, unfortunately from the parents who may have a different plan for their child than what he or she wants.

If you’re reading this and you’re in THIS phase of your life. Be smart and make sure you follow your own judgment on what you want from life. Don’t be afraid to listen to advice from your parents and friends. But at the end of the day, this is YOUR life and you can live it the way you want too.

18-35 Years

This is the time where are looking for your success in life. Trying to fulfill the force inside you that makes you tick. This could be finding a partner and starting a family. Finding a job you love and working hard on it. Or creating your own path in life.

Whatever it is if you’re not always seeking where you truly belong the next phases won’t be as pleasant.

35-55 Years

If you don’t see your life as being worthy thus far, you may experience a mid-life crisis. The number one thing that is going to cause this to happen is if you haven’t been successful in the endeavor that TRULY sets your soul on fire. That’s why you see 50-year-old businessmen with all the money in the world, going off the deep end. Because while they were massively successful in business, it was unfortunately in a role that didn’t fulfill them.

55 Years – Death

These are the ‘wise’ years of your life. Hopefully, you have lived well up to this point and if you have you will feel a deep sense of integrity. If not you may feel a deep sense of despair.

If you’re at this point in your life and you do feel despair. It’s okay. This isn’t a bad thing. This is your consciousness literally screaming at you, WAKE UP! DO WHAT YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO DO!’

You may not have as much time as someone in their 20’s BUT you’re not dead yet. So now more than ever is the time to WAKE UP, shake your life up AND do what you’ve been put on this Earth to do.

A person who never made any mistakes never tried anything new

Personality Development Training

Fortunately, no matter what age you are at you can still change your personality. The younger you are the better. But people of ANY age can shift their personality. While there are countless ways to develop your personality, we’ll start with the fundamentals. The things you HAVE to do if you wish to see success.

Know yourself

Before you do anything else you must know yourself. What your strengths and weaknesses are what you do and don’t want from life. Any big personality flaws you have and what you TRULY excel at. And analyze all of this with excruciating precision. Ask for help from family and close friends on what they think your biggest strengths and weaknesses are. Do their words align with what you thought?

You’re going to have to be brutally honest with yourself. Try to distinguish whats real from what you thin is real. Remember your view of reality is different from how it truly is. So make sure you only deal in facts.

Introduce Newness Into Your Life

It doesn’t matter what the source is. Be it people, books, radio shows, movies, audiobooks. As long as it’s bringing great and NEW ideas into your life. If you never get new influences into your life, you’re never going to learn anything that can develop your personality and improve who you are. If you read 15 minutes of a book per day, that’ll be a book every 2 weeks. Think how many new ideas you could learn from 24 books a year.

The most helpful tool I use to always get great new ideas is Audible. Getting a new audiobook you can listen to every month on the go is the BEST way I know to improve the amount of knowledge you can pour into your own head.

For a 30 Day FREE Trial and 1 FREE audiobook then definitely go here!

If you want to know some great books to listen to then I recommend: The Chimp Paradox, The Four Hour Work Week & How To Win Friends And Influence People.

Become a GREAT Listener

How many times have you heard this saying? Has it ever really sunk in how important it is? Why is being a great listener important to personality development? Well it’s because:

“When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new.” – Dalai Lama

So how often do you see yourself being the talker in the conversation and not the listener? How do you expect to develop your personality when you’re always repeating the same information instead of learning something new?

Become a Positive Thinker

There’s an age-old proverb that has been said in 100’s of different ways by 100’s of different people. But the message is the same then as it is now. And just as true:

“What we think, we become”

Your thoughts are the base for everything you do. The thoughts you think turn into your actions and what you say. When you take positive actions and speak positively you’ll develop positive habits. And the more positive habits you have the more positive your life will become.

So start being more positive work on thinking positive thoughts and the rest will follow. Just like you can’t change the course of a river in one day the same is true here. But changing the course little by little every day will eventually get the river flowing in a completely different direction.

Remember it’s not what life does to you that will shape your outcome in life. What you’re going through hundreds maybe thousands of people have also gone through. It is your attitude and actions responding to the situation that will define your life.

Stay Consistent

This one piece of advice will change your life. What have you stayed consistent at no matter what? And how many things have you started and not finished? I believe consistency which I like to believe is your will to succeed is THE most important step to accomplishing ANYTHING great in your life.

Imagine if a consistent effort wasn’t put into the buildings and houses in your town? If those builders gave up halfway through or when things got a bit difficult. Your town would just be an assembly of bottoms floors and unfinished projects. Well, your life is the same thing. How many buildings in your life have you left unfinished?

Instead of trying to have 100 small unfinished houses. Aim to build one HUGE Skyscraper. That you stay consistent at building day after day.

The Rest Is Up To You!

Now you know the key fundamentals of personality development as well as some steps you can take, the choice on what you do with your life is yours. If you are truly serious about creating great change in your life then you should DEFINITELY research personality development a LOT more.

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Real Life Success Stories – Don’t Be Afraid To Fail

Don't be afraid to fail - real life success stories

It seems like the majority of people who fail at their dreams is too quick to give up. They stop stretching toward their goal and settle. Fate, luck, and talent don’t decide somebodies ability to succeed. Their ability to keep saying yes in the face of all odds and standing by their passion does. So don’t be afraid to fail! These real life success stories are a reminder that anything is possible for you. And all you have to do is keep persisting no matter what! These are the people who didn’t quit until they were successful. 

Real Life Success Stories

Jim Carrey

In Toronto, Canada a man was born into a lower-income family. And dropped out of school when he was 15. He became a janitor with the hopes of one day bringing laughter to the world. He got his first ever gig at a comedy club in Toronto, he stepped up on stage filled with nerves and fright for his big moment… and got booed off. A failure this hard would deter most people from going after their dreams but not Jim Carrey. In fact, he continued starring in comedy clubs around Toronto. And he started becoming better and funnier until he went back to the same bar that booed him out and won the audience over. Now he is a MASSIVELY successful comedian. 

It is better to risk starving to death than surrender. If you give up on your dreams, what's left?

Walt Disney

1920’s America, In a dysfunctional family where the children are running away from their father one young man, had a penchant for drawing. He started working for a newspaper where he got fired because he “lacked imagination and had no good ideas”. Undeterred he continued where it’s alleged he got rejected dozens more times.At times he is so poor that he had to eat dog food to afford his rent. Success finally came to him when he created the character “Oswald the Rabbit” however it is short-lived, he doesn’t trademark the character and his artists leave him to work for his distributor. Then Mickey Mouse is created and the rest is history. 

Walt Disney is one of the most famous names in the world! What would have happened if he gave up after his first failure? Don’t be afraid to fail… You could be the future Walt Disney, you just have to keep going no matter what.

All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them

Thomas Edison

If you were told by your teachers that you were “too stupid to learn” as well as being fired from your first two jobs for lack of productivity; it may look like you weren’t destined to do a lot with your life, from an outside perspective. That is exactly what happened to Thomas Edison. His failures did not end there though. Everyone remembers Thomas Edison for the lightbulb which he is famous for failing 1000 times, but he also had 1,093 different patents out for inventions, with only a handful being successful. Determination or ignorance Thomas Edison’s confidence in himself allowed him to bring the modern world alive. As well as becoming one of the worlds most successful inventors.

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.

Abraham Lincoln

A president of the United States also had his fair share of failures. Abraham Lincoln’s list of failures is so long it’s a miracle he managed to keep trying until he found success. Before running for presidency he ran 2 businesses that failed. He then fell in love, only for his love to die too. This all happened before Abe turned 25. Shortly afterward he suffered a nervous breakdown. It’s still not over however as Abraham Lincoln also failed at running for state legislator, congress, senator and vice president before he became the President of the United States. If a man who had such a bad hand dealt to him in life could still become the president, what is stopping you right now from living your dreams?

Don’t be afraid to fail, compare your life to Abraham Lincoln! If he can succeed why can’t you? This should be one of your favorite real life success stories. Because if a man can go through all of this AND become the president of the United States. Then it shows anything is possible for us!

And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.

Micheal Jordan

When you have a disappointment or setback in life, how do you react to it? Do you quit and go back to what you were doing before, or do you redouble your efforts and become more determined to win. If you do the latter you are like basketball all-star Michael Jordan. When Jordan was in school he was rejected from his sophomore varsity team and put on the junior team instead. While this was, in fact, a tactical move by his coaches who realized that time on the junior team would give Jordan more time to practice his skills, he saw it as a defeat and went home that very night to his room and cried.

In his eyes not being put on the sophomore team was the worst thing that could have happened to him. Instead of remaining what he thought was a loser, Michael Jordan practiced harder than ever. He’d train every day and when he got tired of training he’d remember how he felt the exact moment he’d been “rejected”. This gave him more and more motivation to keep going. Jordan knew that his limits were as much a product of his imagination as his fears. That is why he was able to do what he did.

Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.

So Don’t Be Afraid To Fail!

Which one of these real life success stories was your favorite? For me, it’s Abraham Lincolns! Now you have the choice what are you going to do? Are you going to chase your life and your dreams and become the best person you can? Or have these real life success stories left you unphased?

Maybe it’s time you started to build your life too!

The choice is yours! And remember don’t be afraid to fail. These men weren’t so why should you be?

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Success Formula You Need For Successful Living

Success formula for successful living

What if successful living wasn’t just left to chance… Imagine if there was a ‘success formula’ you could follow to guarantee you’re chances of coming out on top in life… There must be. How can so many people who have come from a poor background go on to become majorly successful?

Furthermore, what’s stopping you from successful living?

Because if other people can do it that means there’s a set of actions you can follow to gain the same results. And while my success hasn’t come the whole way around yet. I KNOW it’s coming. And not only that, I also know the success formula you can use to achieve triumph as well!

The Success Formula

First of all, what is it that you want to do? How much do you know about your task at hand? Because the most important step to undertake before any great task is to know as much as you can!

Learn the facts

Don’t rush head first into a task before you know all the facts. You wouldn’t just rush into a marriage with no idea about the person you’re going to marry. So why rush into success if you have no idea how you’re going to do it OR more importantly if it’s really you’re calling.

I’m a culprit of getting excited and jumping into a task before I know all the facts. And whilst sometimes it has worked out great for me. Most of the time you end up losing money and time you could have invested better somewhere else. Make sure before anything else that whatever great task it is you wish to complete, you know it’s something you want to achieve and something you CAN achieve.

So, you know this is something you can AND want to accomplish… Now what?


If you truly desire successful living then you need to commit to it! Commitment is easy when you’re motivated and things are going well for you. But do you still want it when the chips are down and it’s all going wrong? When it would be easier to just throw in the towel and go back to your old life? Is this something you can commit to when motivation has long left you?

You need to be able to wake up in the morning and trudge through all the rubbish to achieve your dream. The most important key to success is your commitment. Your ability to show up day after day. You’ve heard this advice before, probably countless times. But have you ever really taken it on board?

I used to hear it and then say I would commit, and I would for a week and then quit. But when the switch flips in your head and you can say to yourself with all honesty ‘I am going to keep working at my success or die trying,’ then your success will come.

Visualise Your Goal

How can you commit if you can’t see your goal? Get in the habit of visualizing your goal. The clearer and more real it becomes to you, the more you can commit to it because you can almost feel it on your fingertips! When you have a free moment think about what it’s going to be like when you’ve achieved success, how are you going to feel? What is your life going to be like?

Chuck all nonessentials overboard

Imagine running with a backpack full of bricks. Or chains wrapped around your legs. They’re going to slow you down and more importantly their not needed for you to run better. These chains are all the non-essentials in your life. If you want to know the formula for success cut out what you don’t need. Get rid of TV and Facebook, replace them with audiobooks and affirmations. Instead of playing your PS4 get a hobby that relates to your success. The non-essentials are only going to slow you down so CUT THEM OUT.

Water your seeds

With all your nonessentials gone you can start to water your seeds. What I mean by this is that your life is a patch of dirt at first. And the more activities you work on, the more ‘seeds’ you plant in the dirt. Your time and energy become sunlight and water. And with enough sunlight and water, you’ll see your plants flourish. That once dry and boring patch of dirt can become a whole garden of flowers and plants. However, make sure you’re planting the right seeds. If you don’t watch your actions you could plant weed seeds or non-essentials.

And remember the fewer seeds you plant the more water and sunlight you can give to the few you choose. Helping them grow tall and strong.

Stay positive and persevere

This is the step of the success formula that rounds up all the other ones. If you want your years spent well on successful living you need to keep a positive mental attitude and keep persevering at all times. It’s perseverance with positivity that’s going to the be the extra push you need every day. To just complete a few more of your tasks, whether it be one more sales call, one more push up, or one more blog post. All those little extras will add up and over time create a massive shift in your life.

Small constant daily progress will transform you from unskilled to skilled, to a highly skilled expert

Things To Remember

Talent isn’t enough

Talent is just unused potential, just because you’re talented doesn’t mean you’re going to succeed. You need to work on your talent every day and hone it. Only then will you begin to tap into how great and extraordinary your life can truly be.

So remember it’s not about being talented. You can be untalented and still be tremendously successful you just need to put in the work day in and day out.

You’re not going to succeed overnight

To quote Jim Rohn:

“Failure is not a single, cataclysmic event. You don’t fail overnight. Instead, failure is a few errors in judgement, repeated every day.”

And the same is true for success. It may seem like one cataclysmic event that changes your life when success happens. But the success truly came from the actions and time you spent working towards that success in the past. One wave doesn’t erode a rock but hundreds do. And the same is true with your actions.

Value Your Time

One of the best books that helped me value my time was Seneca, On the Shortness of Life. A quote that really resonates with me is

“It is not that we have so little time but that we lose so much. … The life we receive is not short but we make it so; we are not ill provided but use what we have wastefully.”

Seneca summed it up perfectly. We have enough time to accomplish everything we want to. But we squander it so needlessly on things that aren’t important. So start to value your time more. Because one day you’re going to be old. And how are you going to feel if you squandered all your time away?

Are You Going To Make A Successful Living?

You know the success formula now. It’s up to you to choose whether you’re going to make a success of living or not. You can make great changes today that are going to steer your life in a completely different course that could ultimately turn your whole world around.  And remember you deserve a successful living, and now you can have it with this success formula!

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Alpha Male Body Language Signs

Alpha male body language signs

Are you wondering why people aren’t responding to you the way you’d like too? Are you the joke of the group? Do the girls you want to talk to ignore you? Maybe the pennies dropped in your head and you’re beginning to understand the importance of alpha male body language signs!

Why Alpha Male Body Language Signs Are So Important

Would you believe me if I told you that the majority of things you say don’t matter? And that, in fact, the WAY you say things, as well as the WAY you act, is far more important than what’s being said? Well, some estimate that over 60% of your communication with others is body language. And vocal tones are also more important than what is being said. Crazy to think that you could be spending so much time worrying about what to say when you should be worrying about how to say it.

Still, underestimate the importance of body language?

Well just think about this. You ever met somebody and from the get-go, you just didn’t like them. Maybe it was someone who was acting slimy around you or a bit shift. Either way, they weren’t going to be your friend and you were never going to trust them. Well, you get that instinctual reaction because you’re subconsciously read their body language and something just isn’t adding up. And this all happens before people even speak to you!

This instinctual reaction may occur about you when people first meet you. They could instinctively feel that you are shy and lacking confidence. Luckily it is simple to change your body language to appear more confident when meeting new people. However be warned, you can fake it in the beginning but when people really start to get to know you, if you haven’t been working on your internal confidence. They’ll see through your outer alpha male body language signs.

So what can you do to appear more confident?

Alpha Male Body Language Signs

There are so many different areas of your body that you can work on. Just pick the ones you like and start incorporating them into your daily life. I’ll start with my favorite and the one that I found the most helpful when I used to be shy.

Taking up space

Next time you’re sitting down at a bar or pub with your friends. Take up more space than usual. Spread your arms over the backrest and keep your legs open. Your throat, crotch, and stomach are your ‘soft’ vulnerable areas. In nature exposing them shows you are relaxed and don’t feel threatened. In society, it shows you feel at ease and comfortable around other people.

How to implement: Next time you’re sitting down with friends, take up more space. If you get the bus or public transport sit with a wider leg stance. When you’re waiting at the bar spread your hands apart on the top taking up more space (if it’s not busy). Make sure you always remain respectful to others. Don’t take up more space by cramping someone into a corner.

Keep Your Body Open

Make sure you NEVER hold a drink or phone in front of your body. Think about how you look when you’re sat on your phone. Hunched over, arms in, head down. These are classic signs of submission and as previously stated you are taking up a little amount of space, which is also another way to show your lack confidence. So next time you’re around people keeps your posture open.

How to implement: Keep your legs in a wide stance and rest your phone on one leg. While you can still go on your phone, you also keep your soft parts exposed. Also try to rest your spare arm over the armrest or the back of your chair, to open yourself up more.

Hold Eye Contact

One of the classic alpha male body language signs, make a habit of holding eye contact with people. The eyes are the windows to the soul and a lack of eye contact shows a lack of self-confidence. Also, choose what you let your eyes rest on. When I used to be shy I didn’t even want to look at certain objects in case people saw.

How to implement: Next time you’re walking down the street hold eye contact for 2-3 seconds with everybody you come across. Get in the habit of doing this all the time and eventually it will become second nature to you.

Always Keep Your Eyes Level

Just like you should hold eye contact, you should also keep your eyes level at all time. As a rule of thumb, you should keep your eyes where they feel most uncomfortable in the beginning. If you point your eyes to low you come across as lacking confidence and shy. But if you point them too high, you may come across as weird or noticeable that you’re avoiding eye contact.

How to implement:  The best place I learned to do this was whilst in waiting rooms. Even with all the other people around, don’t be afraid to just stare straight in front of you when you aren’t focusing on anything. Obviously, if something takes your interest follow the step above and rest your eyes on it. But when you’re just relaxing to keep them pointed firmly forward.

Take Wide Strides

If you see somebody scurrying around, what’s your instinct of them? If they don’t appear shifty or up to no good. You may just think they’re odd or strange. This is how people are going to view you if you don’t change your steps. Make it habit of taking bigger more deliberate steps. Walk slower but with purpose.

How to implement: You can practice this ANYTIME you are walking. Make a habit of walking deliberately slow if you’re used to rushing around. envision a lion in the savannah. It’s the king of the jungle. It doesn’t rush around. It knows what it needs to do and it’s in no hurry. That’s what you need to be like.

Talk Slow, Loud & Don’t Use Filler Words

One of the most common symptoms people have when they’re nervous is they talk too fast and/or too quiet, which often gives the impression of mumbling. Obviously, this can be catastrophic in conversation and can ruin your first impression with new people.

Tip to implement: The next time you’re talking make sure you’re talking slower and STOP going ermm, errr, ‘like.’ When you’re talking to people, be confident in what you are saying. It’s important other people can wait to listen to you.

Stand Up Straight

Out of all the alpha male body language signs that you can give off, this is the ULTIMATE one. This is the classic that everybody knows but how many people practice? We get taught this from the moment we learn to walk. How many times have you heard ‘stand up straight” or “keep your back straight.” And there’s a reason. Because it is the ultimate sign of confidence. That you are standing up brave and strong to the world and saying “I can handle anything you throw at me.”

Tip to implement: When you’re walking push your shoulders back slightly. This will push your chest out and make you seem more confident. Keep your head high and stomach tucked in. When you’re walking imagine you’re being pulled up by the very center of your head. If you have to stand up against a wall for 2 minutes every day. But just learn to stand up straight!

Keep movement minimal

When you’re standing still, stand still. Don’t fidget with your hands and face. Stop biting your nails or picking at your fingers. Just stand still. What do you see when you think of a nervous person. Chances are they fidget a lot. Do you want to be someone who fidgets a lot? Or someone who has control of themselves in any situation and keeps their body movements deliberate at all times.

Tip to implement: Become more mindful. Be aware of your body movements all the time and over the span of a few weeks, you will be able to notice when you are fidgeting and then stop. If you feel like you can’t stop fidgeting just put your hands in one place and leave them there. Put them on your hips and KEEP THEM THERE. Standing still is one of the alpha male body language signs that will have the biggest impact on other people’s impressions of you.

Keep Your Feet Apart

When you’re standing still keep your feet planted shoulder width/or a little bit further apart. This gives the impression that you are stable and solid. As well as allowing you to take up more space and appear more confident. If you keep your feet apart you will look AND feel more confident.

Tip to implement: Every time you stop walking be aware of how your feet rest. If you notice them too close together just shift your weight and spread them out! This one is more of a habit you need to get into, rather than an action that takes a lot of willpower to implement. So there’s NO excuse not to do it!

Use Engaged Body Language

Engaged body language is when you speak with your whole body not just your voice when you’re talking. You might illustrate a point with your hand or use your arms to motion and describe. Either way engaging your WHOLE body is one of the great alpha male body language signs you can start to use in everyday life. When you used engaged body language you are literally saying: “I’m not afraid to draw attention to myself, because what I’m saying is worth hearing.”

Tip to implement: Think about situations you can use your whole body to describe things. If you’re describing how big something is try gesturing with your arms. If you’re describing how minuscule, pinch your fingers together and squint your eyes. Watch confident people in real life or on YouTube and see how they interact with people. A great person to emulate is Will Smith.


One of the alpha male body language signs that truly separates the men from the boys. What sort of handshake are you giving out? Do you give a firm grasp? Or sadly do you give the sloppy ‘wet fish’ handshake. In an important meeting, your handshake is what’s going to be your first impression. Do you want to give off the vibe of someone who is confident and strong? Or is it going to be someone who doesn’t even have the strength to clench their fist?

Tips to implement: Practice your handshake! Just practice it with someone. If you’re practicing for a meeting make sure you use a firm grip and give a few good pumps. If it’s greeting an old friend you should definitely grab their forearm as well! This will signal enthusiasm and warmth to the other person.

Make Sure You’re Looking The Part

There’s NO point following all of these alpha male body language signs if your confidence is going to be knocked from not looking the part. Start to take pride in your appearance! When you’re looking good you’ll be feeling good, and when you’re feeling good you’ll be acting good!

Tips to implement: Start wearing clothes that are going to make you stand out in public. When I lacked confident I didn’t wear clothes I wanted to wear, but clothes that I thought would make me go unnoticed from other people. That is the WRONG way to live. You were born to stand out. So wear the clothes YOU want to wear. Do your hair how YOU want to do it. And you’ll feel much much more confident.

Implementing The Alpha Male Body Language Signs

Now you know the signs it’s up to you to start implementing them. You don’t need to go through them all at once. but start adding more and more into your everyday routine until you are looking AND more importantly feeling like an alpha male. If you’d like to check out my story on how changing my body language helped me overcome my shyness then go here. If you want to know why body language is so important then you should read these quotes.

And learn why self-confidence will CHANGE your life! and the steps you can take to gain MORE self-confidence!

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Importance Of Self Confidence In Life

Importance of self confidence featured image - child with ice cream

Have you heard the phrase ‘self confidence’ being thrown around? Or do you already know what it is but just can’t grasp the importance of self confidence? Well, you should know, it is one of THE most important contributors to success and happiness in your life. Without it, your chances of living a fulfilling life may be below average.

What is Self Confidence?

Self confidence is your belief in your abilities. You may have a lot of self confidence in one aspect of your personality, such as your sense of humor. But completely lack it in another area. The same is true with your abilities. In short, it is well-founded trust in yourself. When you have TOO much self confidence it can often come across as arrogant or cocky.

Arrogance and cockiness

Often people confuse self confidence with arrogance or cockiness. It is NEITHER of these two things. Arrogance and cockiness are awful traits to have. If you come off as cocky or arrogant, you’ll give off the impression that you believe you are more important than other people. Or that you have a misplaced sense of achievement and ability that does you do not possess.

If you show this sort of behavior you will push people away from you. Furthermore they’re most likely to think you’re a bit of a chump.

On the other hand, if you have too LITTLE belief in yourself, you may come across as having extremely low levels of self confidence. And this isn’t a good place to be either.

Low Self Confidence

When you have low self-confidence it infects every part of your life. You may be under achieving. Working a job far below your potential, or not accomplishing a dream you are more than capable of. Arguably low self confidence is worse than arrogance or cockiness. Because if you spend your whole life with low self confidence you aren’t going to live a full and rewarding lifestyle.

Low self confidence is a disease in your life that you need to stamp out immediately.

Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do

Importance of Self Confidence

Think of self confidence as a spectrum. On the one side is low self confidence and on the other is arrogance. The ideal place to be is dead center. This may be hard to do because your view of your confidence is warped by your thoughts. The way the world is may be different to the way you see the world. Everybody’s reality is different. If you’d like to know if your belief in your ability is overly confident or unconfident. The next belief you have, think about the reasons why you feel this. Are they facts or are they illusions you’ve just been telling yourself.

Reasons Self Confidence Is So Important

Key to success

Self confidence is one of the most important keys to success. Somebody who has self confidence in their abilities and talents EVEN if their average, is far more likely to succeed than somebody who has amazing abilities and talents with NO self confidence. Without self confidence a person with amazing ability simply isn’t going to have the belief in themselves and their talents. So won’t bring them into the world.

Humans seek confidence in other people

As human beings, we’re programmed to seek out confident people. Whether you’re looking for a relationship or friendships you normally go to people who seem confident. How many people do you know that like to spend time with somebody who is too afraid to talk or start a conversation with them?

Self confidence changes your perspective

Enough about other people. One of the most important parts about high self confidence is that you will see the world in a different way. A better way. When you have low self confidence you’ll probably come from a position where people don’t like you. Or that you’re not good enough. This, in turn, starts to become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Creating a cycle of false thoughts that in turn bring real evidence and it circulates and circulates. The same will be true on the flip side. The importance of self confidence comes from the fact that when you have self confidence and act in a way that conveys this. People will respond to you in kind and you will get more than somebody who acted unconfidently. You’ll get the job at a job interview. The people you’re into are more likely to be into you.

Want to know the ONE step you need to gain more self confidence?

The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are

The importance of self confidence when taking risks

What risks have you taken lately that you’ve wanted to? If you find your lack of belief in yourself holding you back then you REALLY need to change your self confidence issues. The importance of self confidence in these areas will increase your ‘risk-taking’. You see when you have high self confidence you know longer see these tasks as risk-taking. You have a deep EMOTIONAL knowing that whatever happens you are going to bounce back from it and thrive in any condition. And that’s the importance of self confidence. The awareness that any situation that comes your way not only can you handle it, you’ll make the best out of it too!

Remember one BIG symptom caused by a lack of self confidence is shyness, find out how you can overcome shyness here!

How do you get MORE self confidence? Why not use your body language to fake it till you make it

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6 Morning Habits That No Ones Talking About

When you scroll through any articles about morning habits it seems like you always get the same OUTRAGEOUS things that you should do every morning. “Start your day with a run” “Get up at 5 am every day” “Eat organic food that isn’t accessible to the average human being”. While these habits are great and over time you can build them. I don’t think they’re the ideal habits for beginners. And that’s why I’ve written this article on the 6 morning habits that no one is talking about!

Why Are Morning Habits So Important

If you haven’t read my blog post on the advantages of good habits then you may not understand the importance of habits in daily life. But in short, habits are so important because once you have them set, they take very little willpower and cognition to maintain. Think about your own life. Everything that’s second nature to you is just a habit. Waking up in the morning and getting a shower. Habit. Cleaning your teeth after breakfast. Habit. Even the negative things like checking social media the moment you wake up is just a bad habit. Habits are so effortless compared to willpower you’d be mad not to incorporate them in your life.

But why do you need habits specifically for the morning? Because this sets the mood for the day. Think about your mind like a snowball rolling down a hill. If you let it build up momentum it’s going to get bigger and bigger. The earlier the ball starts rolling, the bigger it’s going to get. So you want to get your momentum started as early as possible. There’s an article on morning motivation here if you’d like to know how to build motivational momentum in the morning. But stay here if you want to know 6 morning habits.

The 6 Morning Habits

First of all, I want to start off by letting you know these habits aren’t going to be impossible to incorporate into your life. On the contrary, they’re specifically here because they’re so easy and so effective.


Write down up to 3 of the biggest tasks to complete

When you wake up in the morning the first thing you want to do before anything else is write down the BIGGEST Tasks you have to do in the day and the steps you are going to take to complete them. That doesn’t mean meticulous planning. But give yourself a rough idea of what you need to do and the timescale you can do it in. If possible try to get them completed before midday if you can. The average adult’s productivity peaks int he late morning so you want to be working on your most important tasks then. But if this isn’t possible make sure you can finish them as soon as possible. Your will-power decreases throughout the day. So the longer you leave them the less likely they are to be completed.


Okay so you may have heard this before but it goes hand in hand with completing big tasks. You’re going to need to visualize a few things:

  1. Visualise yourself working on the task
  2. The struggles you will face and overcoming them
  3. What it will be like once the tasks are completed. The weight you will feel lifted off your shoulders. The feeling of ease for the rest of the day.

Visualisation is going to help you see the end goal and figure out how to work towards it. As well as pre-emptively thinking about roadblocks that might get in your way as you’re getting started.

Image: Each morning we are born again, it is what we do today that matters most - 6 morning habits

Waking Up


You may find it hard to wake up and if so then you definitely need to read morning motivation. When you get up in the morning it’s true that you should get your body moving. But this DOESN’T mean you have to do massive amounts of exercise first thing. Just to get yourself motivated. What I do is far simpler. I simply jump up and down. I don’t mean jump as high as I can. But I do bounce around a bit. Those little bounces boxers have in the ring. That is the sort of bounce you want. I used to do this out of habit but I believe there’s a reason it works so well.

Think about WHY a boxer does this. They do it to stay alert, to keep their body ready. The same thing will work perfectly for you too! This is definitely one of the 6 morning habits that helped me the most.

Cold(er) Shower

If taking cold showers is to hardcore for you. Then don’t worry you don’t have to do this. But PLEASE don’t keep it warm. What normally happens when you’re nice and toasty? You get tired. WHY would you want to make yourself tired when you’ve just woken up! Turn the shower down as much as you can without getting uncomfortable and leave it there. You’ll be surprised just how much cold you can handle! And if you do take the plunge of a FREEZING shower, how much more invigorated you will feel afterward.

Self Development

2x Audiobook

Heard that you should read every morning when you wake up? If you don’t have the time to do that and you want to cram in as much knowledge as possible then listen to an audiobook! Put it on while you commute to work. At 2x speed, I can listen to an audiobook a week. While on my way to work! 

“But audiobooks are too expensive”

You can get audible for as little as £6.99 a month. I’m sure you can find some way to find that money to better educate yourself!

Out of all of the 6 morning habits, this ONE habit will change your life completely over time!

Motivational Speakers

Start listening to motivational speakers in the morning. There’s constantly a conversation going on in your head. And it’s not always a positive one. If you get in the habit of listening to motivational speakers every morning. It sets the conversation you’ll be telling yourself for the rest of the day.

Failing this just MAKE SURE you’re filling your head with positive conversation. See your life as an epic movie and you are the main character. Do you think Captain America starts his day off by convincing himself he’s not good enough? No, and neither should you! Make sure from the moment you wake up positive thoughts and conversations are going on in your head!

Are You Going To Incorporate These 6 Morning Habits Into Your Life?

The choice is now yours on whether you’re going to adopt these habits. As you can see none of them are hard to do. And I like them like that. I want these to be habits that are possible for anyone. If you do start using these you will begin to see a drastic change in your life. So I hope you make the right choice.

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Advantages of Good Habits

Advantages of Good Habits

As human beings, we only have a finite amount of willpower. The problem is when you’re starting something new or trying to get into a routine you’re not used to, you may find yourself running out of the stuff. One study even shows that willpower can be as important as IQ in governing whether somebody will be successful or not. Who do you think is going to achieve more in their life; someone of average intelligence who has the drive to get up and go. Or an apathetic genius who lacks the ambition to bother. If you are the latter don’t worry. After reading this article you will know the advantages of good habits.

So how can you expect to ever achieve great things in your life if you lack the willpower?

Why you should be building habits

You build habits. Your willpower drains so quickly because of the amount of mental energy it requires to start something new. While it may take willpower to start a habit in the beginning, once you have created the habit it will demand less energy from your brain and will take less time and effort to maintain. This study in rats showed that when rats were put into a maze with chocolate hidden somewhere inside, it would require a lot of mental energy to find the piece of chocolate at first, but as they repeatedly ran the experiment the amount of brain activity in the rats brain decreased significantly. As you can see the advantages of good habits far outweigh the use of willpower.

Habits VS Willpower

Compared to willpower, the advantages of good habits also provide you with a lot more control. There are so many factors in life that can affect your willpower or throw you off the path entirely. Once you have a habit set, suddenly you go from constantly battling yourself to repeating a routine which you have set up.

All of your behavior good or bad is the result of a habit you have developed over time, if you spend money wastefully, drink too much, eat unhealthily or never exercise; that is just as much of a habit as the actions on the other side of the spectrum. Once you realize this you can begin to change your negative habits into positive ones.

When you are trying to reach a goal habits can also be an extremely effective step. If you have a goal of losing 2 stone and you break the goal down into smaller segments, say 1lb a week, and you don’t hit the smaller goal you may become deflated, lose motivation and stop trying to achieve the original goal. However if from the start you say to yourself “I’m going to make it a habit to eat one healthy meal a day” then keep working up in increments, even if you don’t reach your target goal of the week, you can still rest assured that you are one step closer toward the desired outcome.

Multiple habits

Imagine having to do 4 things every day that you really don’t want to do. For example, imagine if you had to get up at 4 AM. Followed by a 10 hour fast. And then when you do eat, you can only eat dry chicken and broccoli. Lastly, to top it all off you also go to the gym 2 hours every day. I don’t know about you but to me, that sounds like an awful day. The amount of willpower I’d need to get through that every day is far more than I have. And most people I imagine.

Now imagine if you started off with just one of these and practiced it every day. Eventually, that would become a habit and you would no longer even think about it. Then you add another habit and another. Until this just becomes a normal part of your routine.

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What are you going to do?

So from this day on make sure you try to implement great habit building techniques into your day-to-day life so that you can live a happier life, where you can achieve your goals in a smarter way. Deciding to build habits over using willpower is a far more effective use of your time and energy and in the long run, can drastically change your life. The advantages of good habits are SO beneficial you’ll be mad not to start using them!

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle

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