Alpha Male Body Language Signs

Are you wondering why people aren’t responding to you the way you’d like too? Are you the joke of the group? Do the girls you want to talk to ignore you? Maybe the pennies dropped in your head and you’re beginning to understand the importance of alpha male body language signs!

Why Alpha Male Body Language Signs Are So Important

Would you believe me if I told you that the majority of things you say don’t matter? And that, in fact, the WAY you say things, as well as the WAY you act, is far more important than what’s being said? Well, some estimate that over 60% of your communication with others is body language. And vocal tones are also more important than what is being said. Crazy to think that you could be spending so much time worrying about what to say when you should be worrying about how to say it.

Still, underestimate the importance of body language?

Well just think about this. You ever met somebody and from the get-go, you just didn’t like them. Maybe it was someone who was acting slimy around you or a bit shift. Either way, they weren’t going to be your friend and you were never going to trust them. Well, you get that instinctual reaction because you’re subconsciously read their body language and something just isn’t adding up. And this all happens before people even speak to you!

This instinctual reaction may occur about you when people first meet you. They could instinctively feel that you are shy and lacking confidence. Luckily it is simple to change your body language to appear more confident when meeting new people. However be warned, you can fake it in the beginning but when people really start to get to know you, if you haven’t been working on your internal confidence. They’ll see through your outer alpha male body language signs.

So what can you do to appear more confident?

Alpha Male Body Language Signs

There are so many different areas of your body that you can work on. Just pick the ones you like and start incorporating them into your daily life. I’ll start with my favorite and the one that I found the most helpful when I used to be shy.

Taking up space

Next time you’re sitting down at a bar or pub with your friends. Take up more space than usual. Spread your arms over the backrest and keep your legs open. Your throat, crotch, and stomach are your ‘soft’ vulnerable areas. In nature exposing them shows you are relaxed and don’t feel threatened. In society, it shows you feel at ease and comfortable around other people.

How to implement: Next time you’re sitting down with friends, take up more space. If you get the bus or public transport sit with a wider leg stance. When you’re waiting at the bar spread your hands apart on the top taking up more space (if it’s not busy). Make sure you always remain respectful to others. Don’t take up more space by cramping someone into a corner.

Keep Your Body Open

Make sure you NEVER hold a drink or phone in front of your body. Think about how you look when you’re sat on your phone. Hunched over, arms in, head down. These are classic signs of submission and as previously stated you are taking up a little amount of space, which is also another way to show your lack confidence. So next time you’re around people keeps your posture open.

How to implement: Keep your legs in a wide stance and rest your phone on one leg. While you can still go on your phone, you also keep your soft parts exposed. Also try to rest your spare arm over the armrest or the back of your chair, to open yourself up more.

Hold Eye Contact

One of the classic alpha male body language signs, make a habit of holding eye contact with people. The eyes are the windows to the soul and a lack of eye contact shows a lack of self-confidence. Also, choose what you let your eyes rest on. When I used to be shy I didn’t even want to look at certain objects in case people saw.

How to implement: Next time you’re walking down the street hold eye contact for 2-3 seconds with everybody you come across. Get in the habit of doing this all the time and eventually it will become second nature to you.

Always Keep Your Eyes Level

Just like you should hold eye contact, you should also keep your eyes level at all time. As a rule of thumb, you should keep your eyes where they feel most uncomfortable in the beginning. If you point your eyes to low you come across as lacking confidence and shy. But if you point them too high, you may come across as weird or noticeable that you’re avoiding eye contact.

How to implement:  The best place I learned to do this was whilst in waiting rooms. Even with all the other people around, don’t be afraid to just stare straight in front of you when you aren’t focusing on anything. Obviously, if something takes your interest follow the step above and rest your eyes on it. But when you’re just relaxing to keep them pointed firmly forward.

Take Wide Strides

If you see somebody scurrying around, what’s your instinct of them? If they don’t appear shifty or up to no good. You may just think they’re odd or strange. This is how people are going to view you if you don’t change your steps. Make it habit of taking bigger more deliberate steps. Walk slower but with purpose.

How to implement: You can practice this ANYTIME you are walking. Make a habit of walking deliberately slow if you’re used to rushing around. envision a lion in the savannah. It’s the king of the jungle. It doesn’t rush around. It knows what it needs to do and it’s in no hurry. That’s what you need to be like.

Talk Slow, Loud & Don’t Use Filler Words

One of the most common symptoms people have when they’re nervous is they talk too fast and/or too quiet, which often gives the impression of mumbling. Obviously, this can be catastrophic in conversation and can ruin your first impression with new people.

Tip to implement: The next time you’re talking make sure you’re talking slower and STOP going ermm, errr, ‘like.’ When you’re talking to people, be confident in what you are saying. It’s important other people can wait to listen to you.

Stand Up Straight

Out of all the alpha male body language signs that you can give off, this is the ULTIMATE one. This is the classic that everybody knows but how many people practice? We get taught this from the moment we learn to walk. How many times have you heard ‘stand up straight” or “keep your back straight.” And there’s a reason. Because it is the ultimate sign of confidence. That you are standing up brave and strong to the world and saying “I can handle anything you throw at me.”

Tip to implement: When you’re walking push your shoulders back slightly. This will push your chest out and make you seem more confident. Keep your head high and stomach tucked in. When you’re walking imagine you’re being pulled up by the very center of your head. If you have to stand up against a wall for 2 minutes every day. But just learn to stand up straight!

Keep movement minimal

When you’re standing still, stand still. Don’t fidget with your hands and face. Stop biting your nails or picking at your fingers. Just stand still. What do you see when you think of a nervous person. Chances are they fidget a lot. Do you want to be someone who fidgets a lot? Or someone who has control of themselves in any situation and keeps their body movements deliberate at all times.

Tip to implement: Become more mindful. Be aware of your body movements all the time and over the span of a few weeks, you will be able to notice when you are fidgeting and then stop. If you feel like you can’t stop fidgeting just put your hands in one place and leave them there. Put them on your hips and KEEP THEM THERE. Standing still is one of the alpha male body language signs that will have the biggest impact on other people’s impressions of you.

Keep Your Feet Apart

When you’re standing still keep your feet planted shoulder width/or a little bit further apart. This gives the impression that you are stable and solid. As well as allowing you to take up more space and appear more confident. If you keep your feet apart you will look AND feel more confident.

Tip to implement: Every time you stop walking be aware of how your feet rest. If you notice them too close together just shift your weight and spread them out! This one is more of a habit you need to get into, rather than an action that takes a lot of willpower to implement. So there’s NO excuse not to do it!

Use Engaged Body Language

Engaged body language is when you speak with your whole body not just your voice when you’re talking. You might illustrate a point with your hand or use your arms to motion and describe. Either way engaging your WHOLE body is one of the great alpha male body language signs you can start to use in everyday life. When you used engaged body language you are literally saying: “I’m not afraid to draw attention to myself, because what I’m saying is worth hearing.”

Tip to implement: Think about situations you can use your whole body to describe things. If you’re describing how big something is try gesturing with your arms. If you’re describing how minuscule, pinch your fingers together and squint your eyes. Watch confident people in real life or on YouTube and see how they interact with people. A great person to emulate is Will Smith.


One of the alpha male body language signs that truly separates the men from the boys. What sort of handshake are you giving out? Do you give a firm grasp? Or sadly do you give the sloppy ‘wet fish’ handshake. In an important meeting, your handshake is what’s going to be your first impression. Do you want to give off the vibe of someone who is confident and strong? Or is it going to be someone who doesn’t even have the strength to clench their fist?

Tips to implement: Practice your handshake! Just practice it with someone. If you’re practicing for a meeting make sure you use a firm grip and give a few good pumps. If it’s greeting an old friend you should definitely grab their forearm as well! This will signal enthusiasm and warmth to the other person.

Make Sure You’re Looking The Part

There’s NO point following all of these alpha male body language signs if your confidence is going to be knocked from not looking the part. Start to take pride in your appearance! When you’re looking good you’ll be feeling good, and when you’re feeling good you’ll be acting good!

Tips to implement: Start wearing clothes that are going to make you stand out in public. When I lacked confident I didn’t wear clothes I wanted to wear, but clothes that I thought would make me go unnoticed from other people. That is the WRONG way to live. You were born to stand out. So wear the clothes YOU want to wear. Do your hair how YOU want to do it. And you’ll feel much much more confident.

Implementing The Alpha Male Body Language Signs

Now you know the signs it’s up to you to start implementing them. You don’t need to go through them all at once. but start adding more and more into your everyday routine until you are looking AND more importantly feeling like an alpha male. If you’d like to check out my story on how changing my body language helped me overcome my shyness then go here. If you want to know why body language is so important then you should read these quotes.

And learn why self-confidence will CHANGE your life! and the steps you can take to gain MORE self-confidence!

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