4 Hour Work Week Summary – Top 10 Lessons From The Book

Have you heard of the ‘new rich’ and wondering whether it’s truly possible to escape the 9-5? Is this book just another shovel seller trying to sell the dream that everybody wants, or is there information in it that you can use to change your life?

This 4 Hour Work Week Summary will give you the knowledge you need to make an informed decision on whether you should buy this book!

However, one thing that is important to note, is that this book definitely isn’t a get rich quick book. Instead, it’s a book that will help you change your way of thinking to become more effective (not efficient) which you’ll find out about later, as well as give you a blueprint on how to get the ball rolling!

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What is the 4 Hour Work Week About?

If you’ve never heard about the 4 Hour work week or don’t know a lot about it you may be curious to what it’s about. The book is about ‘lifestyle design’. Instead of living a life that is preordained for you and most people… Which is stay in education for 20 years, work a job you don’t really like for 40 years. And then hopefully have enough money to spend the last 20 years of your life not working.

You can choose to design your life to make the things that are important possible to you. And this book is all about making it so that you can choose to create a life that you want instead of following the beaten path! But you’re probably saying to yourself that is too good to be true!

Keep reading this 4 Hour Work Week Summary to learn the key points that are made in the book!

Lifestyle Design and Retirement

One of the main emphasis the book makes is addressed early on. The fact that the majority of people wish away most of their lives waiting for the golden years of retirement. They sacrifice their best years of energy for ‘supposed’ security when they’re old.

But Tim asked himself what was the point? We live in an age now where retirement may no longer be possible for some people. With the value of currency going down due to inflation, 401k’s falling through and wall street crashes, retirement isn’t as stable as it once was.

So what is the point in sticking at a job you hate? When the promise of retirement may not even exist for you anymore.

What if rather, you find ways to increase your hourly wage massively and take multiple ‘mini-retirements’ throughout your life? This is what lifestyle design is all about. But how do you do that?

Key Points To Take From The Four Hour Work Week

There are so many different key points in the book. Here are the main take aways you should take from the four hour work week!

1. Follow A Different Set Of Rules

Tim Ferriss is a big advocate of the phrase ‘Ask for forgiveness, not permission.’ And if you read the 4 hour work week you will understand why.

When you read the book you’ll begin to see that the ‘rules’ set by society are merely ILLUSIONS that we have all tricked ourselves into believing. Once you realize that reality is an illusion you can DESTROY your assumptions on what can and can’t be done!

I used to be under the illusion that you were supposed to just get a normal job and work until retirement too. I started this blog when I was 24 and a bartender. This book was on of the books that influenced me to aim higher, and now at 30 I own my own company creating blogs online! 

And this is entirely possible for anyone, but you need to learn to shift your views from what society has told you about what's possible and not possible.

So the big rule is to “never follow the status quo if you can do something that is more effective OR more fun”. Just because everyone else is doing it a certain way, doesn’t mean you need to do it that way as well!

You should always be looking for innovative new ways to do things better because this is where you can drastically cut the amount of time you need to make money!

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2. No One Wants To Be A Millionaire

…They just want to live a millionaire life.

What if you were told you could live a millionaire lifestyle at a mere fraction of the price. You could sip pina colada’s on the beach and still have enough money to vacation for as long as you want. Well, this is possible for you! All you have to do is free up your time and mobility.

Your goal doesn’t have to be ‘become a millionaire’. You just need to free up as much time as possible. While creating income from sources that aren’t tied to one specific place. The book teaches you that by outsourcing and automating processes, you are able to free up massive chunks of your time.

You might be saying to yourself “this is nonsense, it’s impossible to live a millionaire lifestyle”. Well, think about it this way. £1000 ($1350) may not seem like it will go very far. But how far would it go in other countries of the world?

With the rise of digital nomadism, it's easy to see how many people are doing this, and you can do it too! You just need to setup your life so that it works for you in this way instead of against you! 

In paradises like Thailand and Indonesia, you can live for as little as £20-30 a day, which is pretty cushy for the life you live! And also, pretty doable. All you need to learn is how to make that much money whilst working from anywhere in the world. 1000’s of people are already doing it. So why can’t you?

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3. Money Isn’t The Goal

If it’s not clear already, you should know that ‘making the most money’ isn’t the goal. You don’t need to make more than you need. The idea is to make enough money to fund the life that you want to live.

Tim Ferriss says that one of the worst types of people to be is the ‘living dead’. And you should avoid joining them at all costs. These are the people who spend money on things they don’t want, and spending time with people they don’t like so they can try to win the rat race.

Having money doesn’t make you happy. It’s not ‘about having or getting’ it’s about ‘doing and being’. When you can see this then you begin to see that money isn’t the goal but the feeling you get what you spend it on is. And remember that the amount of money you need to achieve these goals is considerably less than you think.

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4. Absolute Wealth vs Relative Wealth

The next big point in the book is absolute wealth and relative wealth.

You may think that John who earns £100,000 a year is more wealthy than Abby who earns £30,000 a year. But what if John had to work 70 hours per week and Abby only had to work 10. And what if John’s job was tied to one place whereas Abby’s job could be performed anywhere in the world. Then suddenly Abby seems a lot more wealthy.

And this isn’t even the half of it. This is an extreme example but what if John lived in a city where the average rent cost £2000 per month, and everything else he needed was priced in accordance.

But Abby moved to a city where rent was only £500 a month, and everything else was priced in accordance.

John’s money would get him nowhere. However, because Abby created a job where she could earn from anywhere in the world and moved to a place that’s considerably cheaper. Her money would be worth a lot more and she’d be in relative terms, more wealthy.

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5. The Importance Of Delegation And Automation

If you want to live this life, then it’s important you learn to do two things well, delegation and automation. Doing this is going to free up your time for more important things like having fun and thinking of new big ideas!

And with the rise of AI, globalisation, and increased education levels around the world, delegation and automation have never been easier!

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6. Learn To Be Effective Not Efficient

This is another mistake a lot of people often make. Tim Ferris says you need to learn to make the distinction between “doing things right” and “doing the right things”

The example he gives is that you can be the best door to door salesman, and be more efficient than anyone, and you’ll make sales.

However, if you wanted to be more effective, then you’d move away from door to door sales, and into a market where you get a lot more reach.

So whatever, you’re doing make sure that you’re being effective first, and then efficient.

This also ties into his thoughts about the 80/20 rule, where in most scenarios 20% of your work is going to give 80% of the results, so you should focus more on this and cut out the rest.

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7. What We Fear Doing Is What We Need To Do Most

Another great lesson from the four hour work week, and one that most of us know deep down, is that what we fear doing is what we need to do most. We see fears as indicators that we should avoid something, but in a lot of cases, they’re quite the opposite.

Your fears are the indication of the direction you should head in. Your dreams and goals are just behind them. Remember, all of life is uncertain, there’s no knowing what’s going to happen, so you might as well try to guide it into the direction that you want it to go!

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8. People Are Just As Insecure As You

This is a BIG lesson you should take from the book. Everyone is just as insecure as you are! Trust me. I started this blog when I was 24, and thought my insecurities would pass with time, now at 30, with a lot more success behind me, I’m still insecure in some areas.

And that’s okay. Everyone else is too! So whatever it is that you feel you need to do, don’t let your insecurities get in the way of your success. We’re all feeling the same way.

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9. Learn To Be A Quitter

This goes against a lot of advice people are often told, but learning to quit isn’t a bad trait, but a positive one. Remember this doesn’t mean QUIT everything.

In life and especially in business, some things are going to work for you and a lot of things aren’t. You need to learn how to identify these quickly, and learn whether it’s appropriate for you to keep moving forward, to take some time away and learn more, or to quit altogether.

Remember this is also the case if you’re not enjoying something anymore, too! Unfortunately, this skill can only come with time, and you must make a lot of mistakes to get the wisdom to spot the difference.

So start making these mistakes as soon as possible!

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10. If It’s Important, Don’t Put It Off

There are a lot of reviews about this book but I feel like this is one of the key points in the book that is often overlooked. And that is why I have chosen to include it in my 4 hour work week summary.

Part of joining the new rich is all about not putting off the things you want to do. Stop making pro and con lists and saying to yourself why it can’t be done. If something is important to you, then you should do it. Use it as motivation to create streams of money that will fund you!

The universe is NEVER going to line up for you. You need to learn to take the leap, and course correct as you go. I know it’s scary, but you can do this, you just need to believe in yourself, learn as you go and refuse to quit!

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A Conclusion Of The Four Hour Work Week!

If after reading this 4 Hour Work Week Summary you still aren’t sure if this right for you then I suggest you ask yourself the following questions.

What would you do if retirement was no longer an option? Would you still work where you are now? Knowing that is where you’re going to be when you die. Retirement is a worse case scenario. Don’t hedge your bets on that being the winning outcome of your life. Are you really willing to spend the best years of your life doing something you hate for a future that may not happen?

If you’re interested in the 4 Hour Work Week then I highly recommend that you buy it here:
The 4-Hour Work Week: Escape the 9-5, Live Anywhere and Join the New Rich

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